Saturday, December 31, 2011


Would like to extend my wishes to all for a Happy and Successful 2012! Hope all your monster fish get landed this year. Looking back 2011 was a great year for me with my largest golden dorado to date being landed, caught an Arapaima and Giant Siames Carp in Thailand, and lots of big silver salmon on the Alaska Peninsula. 2012 should even be as good if not better with many fishing adventures already planned. Here are a few preditions for 2012

1. Thailand will next become the "hotspot" for USA fishermen. Thailand is the "Home of the Monster Fish" and will soon get its deserved recognition!

2. Francois Helias of will break at least 10 more IGFA records!

3. A World Record golden dorado will be landed in La Zona while guided by Enzo Rico of La Zona Lodge

4. The Shamino Tranx will become the next "I have to get" reel by musky and big game fishermen.

5. The Abu Garcia REVO MGX will become the next "I have to get" reel by bass fishermen

6. The weather (rain) in the Brazilian Amazon will go back to normal which will be great news for all peacock bass fishermen and owners of operations in the jungle!

7. A 60 pounds plus muskie will be caught out of Green Bay, Wisconsin

8. An IGFA world record Arapaima will be caught in Bungsamlam, Thailand under the guidance of Francois Helias

9. Francois Helias will land an IGFA World Record Siamese Carp in Laos

10. Kermett Adams of lures will be in such great demand that retail stores such as Bass Pro Shops will carry them

11. An Indiana state record Perch will be landed in Lake Michigan out of Lake County

That is it folks!!! Hope all your dreams come true in 2012!!

The doradokiller!

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