Thursday, April 30, 2015


One of the decisions I had before heading to Suriname was finding adequate reels to handle monster Lau Lau.  For the adventure, I settled on using both Daiwa's Opus 5500 spinning reel and a Fin-Nor Marquesa 30T conventional reel.
The Daiwa Opus is an amazing reel for a very low price.  It features a bite and run ability in which turning the handle takes it out of the baitrunner mode and into main gear.  The 5500 model holds lots of heavy braid and has a powerful drag.  I found this reel to be very great value capable of handling a Lau Lau.  I ordered about 5 of these reels and plan on using them on my next visit to Thailand for huge Mekong Cats at Bung Sam Ran!
The Fin-Nor Marquesa 30T is amazing.  It has an adjustable lever drag which lets you crank up the pressure for maximum stopping power when the Lau Lau takes off.  It has a 6:1:1 gear ratio and picks up 51 inches of line with a single handle turn.  The "T" model comes with a top bar and adjustable clicker which is perfect for live bait fishing.  It has a max drag of 40lbs of which all was needed to stop the Lau Lau runs.
S0 if these reels can handle monster Lau Lau, I would try them on any species which swim!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Had the opportunity to fish in Suriname with 4 good friends under the guidance of Paul De Boer.  Paul picked us up in Paramaribo, Suriname for a drive to his favorite monster Lau Lau river.  Lau Lau or better known as the piraiba which has been reported to grow over 10ft long and weigh in access of 350 pounds.  Paul has guided numerous anglers to monster Lau Lau and knows the best rivers and times to increase your odds.

Our "home" for the week was a small houseboat complete with 2 bunk beds, a freezer, and small stove.  I found this to be very comfortable and sure beats sleeping on a hammock in the jungle. The meals were delicious consisting of a variety of rice dishes created by Chef Paul.
There is not much wildlife observed during our stay.  A few parrots and macaws are seen and heard each day.  We fall asleep and are awaken each day by the noise of howler monkeys.
The temperatures in the rain forest are extremely hot and humid so a mid day rain shower feels very refreshing.  Paul provided numerous bottles of water and soda for us to prevent dehydration.
Live bait is the best for tempting Lau Lau and nets are placed out each evening.
On the second day of the trip I land a bonus 6ft tarpon, but this is not what I came all the way to Suriname for.  Before the weeks end, all of us land monster Lau Lau so our dreams of monster fish once again come true with the largest Lau Lau going 7ft 2 inch, 6ft 7in and 6ft 6in.
Lau Lau are extremely powerful as evident by screaming drag runs.  I had to put my reel  in "full drag" which is about 45lbs pull and it still screamed!  The guides quickly maneuver the boats toward the midd
le of the river once a big Lau Lau is hooked to keep it from running into the shoreline snags.  Photos are quickly taken, all Lau Lau are revived then released to catch another day.
Paul De Boer is definately the go to guy for monster Lau Lau.  You can check him out on Facebook

Saturday, April 4, 2015

International Tackle

Each time I head out on International Fishing Trips, one of my goals is to try and visit a local tackle store. Often, these stores have some great lures which we do not have access to here in the USA.  For example, I recently visited Fish Finder in Suriname.  The store was loaded with fantastic fish mounts such as giant wolf fish and golden dorado.  Also there were numerous aquariums stocked with monster peacock bass and others.  On the shelves were the Marine Sports TNT chopper which is my favorite to fool giant golden dorado over rocks.  Peacock bass anglers would definately find this lure interesting.  Also I found the Rapala Giant Shad Rap in Peacock Bass colorationZuri hydro magnums were available as I cannot find them anymore in the United States.  I have landed my 3 largest golden dorado on these lures so far.  So, when you have a layover overseas, try and visit a local tackle store and you might be surprised on the quality of tackle available.
. I use the Giant Shad Rap for numerous species, but have never seen it in this coloration.  In addition, the Yo-