Friday, August 22, 2014


IGFA PNG bass world recored holder, Jason Yip, recently announced he is offering remote fishing trips into unfished rivers in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Jason is using a luxury yacht for the mothership base and can access remote areas of Papua New Gunea which are not accessible by any other means. Here, there are no cell phones or other type of modern civilization, just you and nature! Papua New Guinea has large populations of the extremely tough black bass which can grow in excess of 70lbs in my opinion. Also monster barramundi reaching weights close to 100lbs are a possiblity. Having had the opportunity to fish with Jason, I can attest this is one of the smoothest operations worldwide. Jason and his staff make sure everything is planned and make all the necessary arrangements to make this a very safe trip. Papua New Guinea black bass are in my opinon the fiercest freshwater fish on earth so be prepared for the battle of your fishing life!! Papua New Guinea is like a "Land Which Time Forgot" so make sure to get in before the crowds arrive. Check out Jason's website at or you can contact Steve Yatomi at or myself for more info on this once in a lifetime experience.