Monday, May 31, 2010


Toward the end of January, a Brazilian angler, caught and released the potential peacock bass world record aboard the Tayacu houseboat in the jungles of Brazil. The angler was fishing on the Rio Ariraha when he landed a monster 28.9lbs peacock bass which measured 1.08meters and had a width of 27cms. The peacock was released unharmed.

As many know, Bill Gassmann, also broke the world record peacock bass towards of the end of Janaury and is waiting verification by IGFA on the record. The peacock was kept and all proper paperwork was filed with IGFA.

IGFA is has very strict rules one needs to follow to submit potential world records. For a list of rules go to

For more information for fishing on the Tayacu, contact

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Tsimane Lodge, which is located in the Bolivian jungles where the Amazon jungle meets the Andean Mountains, is now open for their fishing season.

The lodge is located in a secure National Park where rivers such as the Secure, Pluma, Maniquisito, among others are abundant for species such as the golden dorado, pirapitingas, pacus, and yatoranas.

Check out the following video of Tsimane Lodge

To following updates on the fishing conditons follow

For more information on the lodge contact Steve Yatomi at

Friday, May 28, 2010


Most of Alaska has experienced poor runs of King Salmon the past few years. An exception is the good King Salmon Runs on the Alaska Peninsula.

Friend Gary LaRose who operates Pumice Creek Lodge has good runs of King Salmon while fishing on the Cinder River.

The Cinder River is approx 13 miles from Pumice Creek Lodge. Gary flys clients over to the river each morning for a fantastic day of fishing. Here you wll see no other fishermen other than those in your group.

Gary is a lifetime resident and knows the rivers of the Alaska Peninsula well. I have been to the lodge numerous times and highly recommend this is the place for good Kings, monster silvers, numerous dolly varden, trophy moose, monsterous Alaska Brown Bear and good bird hunting.

Book now to get into the action!! Check out for more information!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Friend, Steve Yatomi, of recently led a group of fishermen into Egypt for the monsterous Nile Perch. The Nile Perch is a member of the snook and Austrian Barramundi family. They have been caught over 200lbs. Normally they are caught trolling Super Shad Raps.

Steve reported the fishing was good and a great time was had by all--see photo of one in the group 80lbs Nile Perch

Friday, May 21, 2010

106lb sorubim (catfish) caught at La Zona

Earlier this week, a lodge record 106 pound sorubim (catfish) was caught in La Zona on the Uruguay River. The sorubim is a beautifully spotted/stripped black and white catfish. They are great fighters and are known to strike lures. This particular sorubim was caught on a rapala.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Kermett Adams of now has available the same models of dorado lures I field tested on my recent trip to La Zona, Uruguay River in Argentina. These lures are made of high quality wood and a fantastic painting of each lure. The lures stood up to the dorado's jaws of steel well. I was able to land trophy dorado up to 46lbs on these lures. I highly recommend you give them a try on your next trip for monster dorado. Check out Kermett's site at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Still trying to decide where to get into some great fishing this coming summer? Well if your dreams ever led you to the "Land Of the Midnight Sun" in the Canadian Arctic, Plummer's Arctic Lodges offers some of the best fishing in the world?

Plummer's has been in business for over 50 years in the Arctic providing clients with trophy lake trout, arctic char, and arctic grayling. They have lodges on Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake, and the Tree River. I have fished Great Bear and the Tree River numerous times and highly recommend you make this "fishing trip of a lifetime" up to the LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN!

For more information check out

Monday, May 10, 2010


Cabelas currently has a big sale on various items such as Quantum rods and all Storm lures. Check out then go to the bargin cave then to the fishing section. Great deals with great prices.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Judy Heidt, owner of Rio Parismina Lodge in Costa Rica, reports the fishing for giant snook and tarpon is fantastic.

Rio Parismina Lodge sits on the banks of the Rio Parismina River surrounded by dense jungle. Every morning you awake to the sounds of howler monkeys in a tropical paradise.

In the waters surrounding Rio Parismina Lodge awaits monster tarpon, snook, and a variety of other species.

To get in while the action is hot, contact Judy at 18003385688 or check out the lodge's website at

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fishing La Zona in 2011

Untamed Angling has started to sell weeks in 2011 for fishing for monster dorado in La Zona on the Uruguay River. This is without a doubt the best place for giant dorado in the World. For more information contact Steve Yatomi at 18002543474 or e-mail him at

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Looking to get in some great fishing this year and not leave the United States? Valdez Alaska is a fantasic place to fill your freezer full of salmon, ling cod, halibut, plus other species.

Fly into Anchorage from your home town then rent a car for the roughly 5 hour drive.Drive out of Anchorage on the Glenn Highway to the town of Glennallen. On the way, the scenery is breathtaking. You will see numerous glaciers, mountains, and most likely some wildlife on your drive.

At Glennallen, you take the Richardson Highway to the town of Valdez. Valdez has approximately 4000. The original town of Valdez was destroyed in 1964 by an earthquake and tidal wave and had to be abandoned. Valdez was rebuilt in its new, safe location.

Once in Valdez there are numerous hotels to stay. Numerous charter boats are available for scenic tours of Prince William Sound or to experience some of the best fishing in the world.

Wildlife is abound with numerous sealions, orcas, porpoises, beluga whales, seals, and eagles.

I have visited Valdez numerous times and cannot wait to return to fill my freezer again with delicious halibut!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

La Zona update for last 2 weeks in April

Friend Steve Cihat fished the Uruguay River in the section called La Zona during April 19th to 22nd. Steve's group of 4 had excellent fishing with the lagest dorado caught by Dr. Everette Howell at a gigantic 48lbs! This was Dr. Howell's first trip to La Zona. Congratulations! Dr. Howell's wife caught a giant 40lbs in one of her first fishing trips of her life. What a way to start off your fishing career!

Steve Cihat said the top lures were Rapala mag 30 in firetiger and large Bass Buzz Baits with large colarado blades. Steve reports boating 68 dorado in 1 day! This is amazing as the dorado are very difficult to land due to their "jaws of steel"!

Friend Dr. Carroll Mann's group fished in La Zona the following week April 226th-29th
They also had great action with the largest dorado reported for the week at a monsterous 45lbs.

According to head guide Enzo, the top 5 dorado caught in La Zona so far this season have all been caught in April with 50lbs being the largest. The others were 48lbs, 47lbs, 46lbs and 45lbs. Looks like April is a great time for big dorado.

Another great time to catch monster dorado is during the months of September and October when the dorado stage up to spawn. The dorado normally packs on a few pounds during these months.

Check out and to follow the dorado fishing along with my posts.