Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CUCU lures

The CUCU lure, shorty, was very good of my group at La Zona. We found a distributor in the US, http://www.cuculures.com/ The shorty is redesigned. It has a slightly small bill with holes as compared to the original models we bought in Argentina. Our best color was black.

Monday, June 29, 2009

La Zona News from June 10th

Argentina friend, Pablo Ottonelli fished at La Zona on the Uruguay River for giant dorado during the week of June 10. Pablo said the water levels were decent, but dropped about 5 foot during the evenings. The largest dorado in Pablo's boat was a giant 46lbs dorado caught by his friend. Pablo said he had a really big dorado hit his topwater plug, but could not get a good hook-set. An Argentina lure, MS Blade 120, was one of the best lures during his week.

American Legacy Fishing Company

Tom Ashby at American Legacy Fishing Company continues to amaze us with his fantastic deals. He currently has "The Shimano Sale to end all Sales". Tom has about 25 of each model Shimano Stradic MgFB spinning reels in stock. He is offering them for $129.99 which is $100 off the list price of $229.99. Tom also offers great deals on GLoomis fishing rods. Contact Tom at tashby@gloomis.us visit on-line at http://www.gloomis.us/ or call 1-812-402-6352. Also, make sure to sign up for his great newsletter.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pumice Creek Lodge, Alaska

Gary LaRose, owner, of Pumice Creek Lodge reports great king salmon fishing during the opening week. The guests caught 68 kings and missed at least twice as many.

Pumice Creek Lodge is located 100 miles south of King Salmon on the Alaska Peninsula. Gary offers kings to fifty pounds, reds, chums, and arctic char which are available from the end of June through July. In August the fishing turns to silver salmon which is fabulous on the Cinder River. I am going August 28th for some fantastic silver fishing. Have been fishing for silvers on the Alaska Peninsula over 20 years and have been at Pumice Creek Lodge numerous times.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Redfish in Vencie, LA

Dr. Gary Clark's group had a great trip for redfish fishing with Capt. Keith Kennedy out of Venice, LA www.rodnreel.com/borntofish/ In 3 days of fishing the group caught redfish weighing 22,23,25,28,30,40,and 49lbs. The 49lbs was caught by Dave Fields and is a new boat record. Capt. Keith's boat record was broken 2 weeks ago with a 44lbs redfish.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La Zona 2009 trip

Gary Cox Bob Daly Erwin Brown Cole Lundquist

I had opportunity to fish La Zona for the third year in a row. I fished during April 13 to 16 2009. The guys in my group were Cole Lundquist, Gary Cox, Erwin Brown, and myself. The water levels on the Uruguay River were very low which caused fishing to be slightly slower than the previous years. The largest dorado for the trip were Erwin Brown at 47lbs, Cole Lundquist at 38lbs, Gary Cox at 40lbs, and Bob Daly at 30lbs. Fantastic fishing trip. The golden dorado is by far the toughest freshwater fish on earth. I highly recommend this trip and have already booked for 2010. To book this trip contact
Steve Yatomi
Good fishing, Bob Daly