Saturday, May 31, 2014

Papua New Guinea for 2014

The season for Papua New Guinea black bass in the Gulf Providence starts in June and ends in November. Jason Yip of has a few openings remaining for trips into this remote region. Here, monster PNG black bass and huge barramundi await in perhaps the most remote area on earth! Jason personally takes groups up to 8 into this remote region and has exclusive rights to fish there per agreements with the local tribes. As some my know, Jason set the IGFA all tackle world record PNG bass will I was in camp a few years ago. The monster weighed in at 46lbs. Jason claims to have seen larger bass, but good luck in landing them. Having the opportunity to battle the best of the best freshwater fish on earth, the PNG black bass is at the top in terms of fighting strength! When I obtained a strike from a PNG bass weighing over 40lbs, I was literally pulled down to my knees! During trips, you will have the opportunity to visit remote tribal villages and possibly purchase a gift or 2. Some of these villages are so remote that they have yet to see a "white man". PLus, the noted "bird of paradise" only lives on this stretch of earth. This trip as mentioned is into very remote sections of earth, but it is quite safe under Jason's watchful eye. If you ever wanted to catch one of the top freshwater fish on earth, I highly recommend booking a trip with Jason. Contact Steve Yatomi at or you can contact me at for questions regarding Jason's opeation. This is definatley a "Trip of a Lifetime" and you will have so many memories which will remain forever!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Stick Marsh still redhot for monster bass

Yesterday, May 29th, Gary Clark returned back to Stick Marsh, Florida to fish with Capt. Hugh Crumpler. The bass action was still redhot as Gary landed over 40 bass all on bomber long A. Give Capt. Crumpler a call at 321-626-6174 to get into this redhot action and possibly catch that 10+lbs monster bass!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bull Redfish red hot in Venice, LA

Avid redfish angler, Dr. Gary Clark, reports that bull reds are on fire in the Venice Gulf area. Capt Keith Kennedy of reports catches of over 100 bull reds for groups of which many are exceeding 30lbs. For those who have never battled a big bull red, well they are in for the battle of their life. Drag burnig runs are the norm on these brutes. Reds are also great on the table! Capt. Keith Kennedy knows where the bulls are at each day and month. Keith provides everything including your license and housing. He has in the past few years become very popular with diehard anglers and is in much demand. However, Capt. Keith has a few prime dates remaining for you to catch bull red trophies. Give Keith a call at 504-908-3108

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stick Marsh redhot for monster bass

Friends, Gary Clark and Art Weston, had a fantastic fishing trip with guide Hugh Crumpler while fishing in Stick Marsh. Stick Marsh is located in Florida and is known for monster largemouth bass. The guys fished May 12 to 14 and had days of landing over 70 bass of which 50 were over 5 pounds. Art landed the monster of the trip with a bass exceeding 10 pounds. Gary says now is the time to get down to Stick Marsh to catch the bass of your dreams. Give Hugh a call at 321-626-6174

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fishing reports week of May 12

Capt. Eddue Bussard of reports fantastic largemouth bass fishing during the week of May 12th. Eddie reports the shallow water rattle trap bite is on with catches over 100 bass being caught per day. Capt. Eddie fishes the local lakes around the Disney area in Florida so get down there right now to get into the action. I spent the week in NW Wisconsin in the Webster area fishing Yellow Lake. The ice went out a few weeks ago, but the weather is still very cold. A tremendous amount of rain took place this week practically all but making fishing impossible. With some warm weather, the crappie should start to stack up in the shallows for spawning. I figure another week and crappie fishing will be redhot plus the walleyes will become active in the shallows. Farther up north, a friend fished the Rainey River with good luck on walleye. The ice just went out and spawning is still taking place. Another friend had fantastic walleye fishing on Lake Erie out of the Bass Island area. Reports of numerous walleye over 30 inches are being reported. Have a few friends heading to LA to fish with Capt. Keith Kennedy of Once I get there report most likely of monster bull redfish will pass the news along.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Congratulations to Jason Yip

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, Jason Yip was presented the 1st Angler's Choice Award at the 11th Annual IGFA World Record Achievement Award Ceremony. Jason flew into Miami from Papua New Guinea along with his father, wife, and children to accept this award. My good friend, Drew Gregg, was also present per Jason's invition. I sure wish I could have made the event. Jason's Papua New Guinea black bass weighing 46lbs (IGFA all tackle World Record) was not the heaviest catch of the 10 contests chosen by a panel from the IGFA. They were composed of both freshwater and saltwater catches coming for over 8 countries. Thanks to many of the Facebook friends, Jason gathered 3,293 votes which was more of a third of the votes overall. Jason is definately putting Papua New Guinea on the map!! Congratulations again coming from a good friend!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Monster Bass at Stick Marsh & Farm 13 Florida

Long time friend, Dr. Gary Clark reports fantastic largemouth bass fishing at Stick Marsh while being guided by Capt. Hugh Crumpler. Gary landed and released 23 bass with the largest weighing 8lbs all on topwater lures such as the Rapala Skitter Pop. During 2 trips last fall with Capt. Crumpler, Dr. Clark released over 180 big bass with the largest being a whopping 10 1/2 pounds. So, if you looking for a monster Florida bass give Capt. Crumpler a call a 321-626-6174 and check out his website at