Wednesday, December 7, 2011


On our last day of the Thailand fishing trip, Steve and I decided to head back to Bungsamran and try our hand at a Giant Siamese Carp. Cole had to fly back to the states to get back to work. The Giant Siamese Carp are very difficult to catch and guide Eddie Mounce of hope that one of us would hook into a monster but gave the odds at about 1% that both of us would hook up. We fished with giant size rice/lamb balls directly on the bottom. The bait was the size of a small bowling ball and was very difficult to cast a few feet as the rod was bent in half. A few hours into the fishing, I had a drag burning hit. After a strong hook set, I thought I was going to get spooled. The guide knew I had a monster Giant Siames Carp hooked. These Carp do not look at all like our carp. They however are super strong and make very sharp turns. They head directly toward the dock pilings to free themselves. However this monster was caught. A very respectable 65lbs monster. Eddie figured we got very lucky and landed a monster Siamese carp and suggested to switch to catching Mekong Catfish. Since we landed more Giant Mekong's the first day of fishing, we decided to try to break the odds and hook another monster carp. Later in the afternoon Steve's line went screaming. After running to the next dock, he landed a twin--another monster Siamese Carp weighing around 65lbs. Eddie could not believe that we both landed fish of our dreams on the same day/same spot. Later that evening Steve and I flew out of Bangkok to Korea then back to Chicago. In all about a 22 hr flight. Before we heading out on this trip the Giant Siamese Carp was on my wish list. Now my dream came true and can add this species to my "Monster Fish List"

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