Thursday, February 24, 2011


Capt. Eddie Bussard continues to put fishermen on monster largemouth bass. Had a few friends fish with Capt Eddie last week and numerous giants were landed. The season is running a few weeks late so get in while the action is redhot! Check out Capt. Eddie's site at or phone him at 1-800-241-5314

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Avid angler, Dr. Gary Clark, once again is catching moster bull redfish with Captain Keith Kennedy of Born To Fish Charters out of Venice, Louisiana. Dr. Clark land moster bulls of 32lbs and 30lbs this past Wednesday. Last season Gary landed a few gigantic reds over 40lbs while fishing with Capt. Keith.
Keith's season books fast so act now while he still has some prime open dates. Keith can provide a package guided trip which includes all meals, accomodations, rods/reels, tackle, and even your fishing license at a very reasonable cost. Capt Keith goes out of his way in search of monster redfish and does everything in his power to make your stay a memorable fishing experience.
Contact Keith at or (504) 908-3108

Monday, February 14, 2011


Capt Eddie Bussard's clients had the fishing day of their lives on Friday Feb 11, 2011. Three monster bass over 10lbs were caught by a party of 2 with the largest weighing in at 13.4lbs!
Capt Eddie uses wild shiners fishing areas such as the ST. John's River in Florida. The ST. John's River is a very well know hot spot for monster bass and obviously Capt Eddie knows how and when to catch these trophies.
For more information check out Eddie's site at or give him a call at 1-800-241-5314

Saturday, February 12, 2011


 currently has some great buys on proven monster dorado lures. These have been very effective catching monster dorado at special places like La Zona "Home of the Monster Dorado". The lures I am taking about are the Rapala Magnum 30 in new colors of firetiger and redhead. These lures are made of hard plastic and can withstanding the lure destroying golden dorado. Also they have a select few discontinued models of the wonderful River2Sea DownSider Minnows which are 8 inches long and dive to 35ft. These also will knock the dorados when the turbines are roaring in La Zona.

Act fast before the prices go up or the lures are gone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


The spinnerbaits made by S.O.B. are the only models I have found to hold up to tough fighting fish such as peacock bass, tigerfish, and the La Zona dorado. S.O.B. uses heavy wire which will not get bent by these species. Also the company will custom make lures to your design. A friend used 1 to 3oz S.O.B. spinnerbaits in firetiger coloration to catch a few moster dorado in October. Spinnerbaits give you the option of buzzing it around the rocks or letting it sink and use a jigging type retrieve.

Certain spinnerbaits are manufactured with a R-bend in the wire where you tie your line or attach a leader while other types have a closed loop. The models with the R-bend, the leader snap is able to ride up the wire arm often resulting in fouled casts. To prevent this I take a small piece of shrink wrap and slide it over the R-bend and heat it to fit snug over the neck to prevent the snap from sliding.

Dorado fishermen should definately include a few of these spinnerbaits in their tackle arsenal!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Pure Fishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jarden Company, recently announced the aquisition of Sebile lures and Sebile lures SA. Sebile is a leader in quality freshwater and saltwater tackle. Sebile created such lures as the Salt and Sun Splasher, Magic Swimmer, Salt and Sun Stick Shad, among others. Sebile lures have caught practically ever fish on earth and have won numerous awards at tackle trade shows.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


The Daiwa Dead or Alive fishing lure is a side swimming topwater hybrid swimbait plug which is designed to imitate a severly injured baitfish. It is made of wood, double jointed and features a bill positioned on the side of the baits head. The whole lure is curved and the hooks rest inside the inverted U shape. It has a large spinner blade on it's tail for added noise, action, and flash. It has 1 red eye and 1 black eye. It comes in Rainbow Trout, Fire Tiger Perch, Ayu, and Bass Bass colorations. Models come in 5 inches (1 3/8ox) or 6 inches (2 3/16oz)

I have 1 of these lures and plan on experimenting the retrieves on the golden dorado of La Zona in a few months. Believe it would be a great lure on monster peacocks and largemouth bass.

Friday, February 4, 2011


International fisherman and host, Larry Schoenborn, passed away yesterday. Larry hosted the fabulous fishing television show "Fishing The West" which featured fishing shows from around the world including Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Larry also sold and hosted many International Fishing Trips. One of Larry's shows was on the Alaska Peninsula lodge Painter Creek. The show really influced me to book a trip to the lodge and I have been fishing the Alaska Peninsula for around 21 years now. I also have a copy of Larry's "Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass" which is a must for all fly fishermen in search of monster peacocks.

Larry will be greatly missed by all. God bless him and his family!!!