Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Gifts

Dragging super strong spinnerbaits over the boulders which lie in the Uruguay River in the section known as "La Zona" has been the key to landing huge golden dorado the past few years.  To my knowledge, there are no store bought spinnerbaits available which can stand up to the viscous strike and pulling power of huge golden dorado.  Friend, Sparky Bullock, has designed a spinnerbait just to remedy this issue.  Sparky has friends who own a machine shop which are able to work with the extra thick diameter wire which is needed.  His design is either a 1 1/2 oz or 2 oz leadhead attached to the wire.  An Owner hyper wire split ring is attached to the leadhead then a SPRO Heavy Swivel is attached.  The extra strong single hook can then either be attached to the swivel or to another split ring.  This enables the hook to rotate during the lure tossing leaps by the golden dorado.  This is a huge advantage over a fixed hook.  Joe has only been selling these spinnerbaits to a select few.  However, he has agreed to sell them to friends of mine.

The spinnerbaits come with choice of blades, blade colors, skirt colors, and leadhead color.  For La Zona I highly recommend extra large double willow blades with orange/black skirts either weight.  Just drag these spinnerbaits around the boulders during your drift and you might be rewarded with some huge golden dorado over 50 lbs as I was fortune to last year.  Musky, big pike, and other monster species should also be fooled by Sparky's spinnerbaits.  Contact Joe Bullock at and tell him you are a friend of mine!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Gift

Want to send someone fishing at a World Class fishing destination as a Christmas Present but do not have a small fortune to send them to an International destination?  Well, Keith Kennedy of Born To Fish Charters operates our of Venice, LA.  World class fishing is available in Venice at a mere fraction of what it cost for an International trip.  Keith regularly put folks on trophy redfish throughout the year.  Everything is include when you book with Capt Keith.  He has excellent rods, reels, and the lures to use.
He also offers packages which include housing and meals.  To get to Capt. Keith's you can fly into New Orleans then rent a car for about a 2 hr drive to Venice.  For more information contact Keith at (504) 908-3108

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Last minute Christmas Gifts

Can't decide what to get that outdoors person in your life for Christmas?  Give Tom Ashby of AmericanLegacyFishingCompany a call.  Tom has countless years of experience evaluating the top products for fishing, hunting, and basically anything associated with the outdoors.  His company is the largest Gloomis dealer in the world and has a massive stock of top of the line Shimano and Daiwa products plus many many more.  The company is located in Evansville, Indiana and ships to any destination on earth.  Give Tom a call at 18774026350 or worldwide 18124026350.  Check out the products on the site,  If you sign up for their newsletter you get a 10% discount on your first order.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


What better way to surprise the fisherperson in your life than to put a few wooden lures made by Kermett Adams under your Christmas Tree! 
Kermett uses top of the line Eastern Red Cedar to create his lures.  Each lure is hand painted and touched off with a tough clear coat.  Kermett is suddenly becoming very popular with his top of the line chopper series.  These choppers have recently fooled many peaock bass over 20 lbs.  He also makes great lures for golden dorado and largemouth bass. Kermett uses some of the finest hooks and split rings on all his lures.   Give Kermett at shout at

Monday, December 11, 2017


Owner has recently introduced it's STX-68 treble hook into the USA.  It has been available in Japan for a few years.  Owner claims it is as tough as the ST-76, but made out of lighter Zo-Wire.  These hooks are thinner but have similar strength.  An advantage of this hook is the reduced weight which is perfect for large surface poppers.  The STX-68 comes in sizes range from 2/0 to 7/0.  I have not seen these hooks yet, but am in the process of ordering a few.  I have however used the ST-66 and ST-76 for years on my golden dorado lures and have found them to be top of the line!  Probably the best on the market.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Spinnerbaits for huge La Zona golden dorado

After spending the past few months gathering tackle for an upcoming trip to Misima Island for GTs, I finally am now concentrating on my rapidly coming trip to La Zona for golden dorado.  I have fished at La Zona since the opening of the area with my largest golden dorado weighing in at 53 lbs.  This year, with the aid of Sparky dorado spinnerbaits and the doradokiller spinnerbaits, I hope to put the magical 60 lbs in the boat!  These are not your normal store bought spinnerbaits as they would bend like a pretzel to the golden dorado arm wrenching strikes.  These heavy duty spinnerbaits are constructed of the heaviest wire possible and extra strong hooks, rings, and swivels.
The Sparky spinnerbaits come in sizes to 2 oz which is my favorite.  They are constructed of  a fixed head with a hook ring on the rear to attach a swing hook.  This is a huge bonus when the dorado leap out of the water to toss the lure.  Various blades are used and my favorite is 2 huge willowblades in either orange or red.  Attached to the ring head is a powerful split ring such as the Wolverine Tackle triple coiled ring or a Owner Hyper Wire ring in size #7.  Then a super strong swivel such as the SPRO heavy swivel or a Shout Powerful BB swivel is attached to the ring.  Then a super strong single hook such as the Gamakatsu Siwash (open eye) size 8/0 is attached.  This year I am going to try out some giant skirts made my Gibbs Delta.   The doradokiller spinnerbaits come with a fixed strong hook and also come in various sizes with different spinner blades and skirts available.  At La Zona we had great success dragging the spinnerbaits while drifting through the numerous rocks and boulders which are away from the Salto Grande dam.  We had success on both the Argentina and Uruguay sides.  I feel the the spinnerbaits will produces in both low and high water conditions.  So, hopefully I am posting a huge 60 lbs golden dorado in a few weeks on these 5 star spinnerbaits!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Opening two week report for Jurassic Lake Lodge

It is estimated that over 6,000 trophy rainbow trout where landed in the first two weeks of Jurassic Lake Lodge's 2017 season.  The Barrancosco River is in excellent shape  with good water levels and an abundance of snow on the mountains ready to melt. 
Numerous chromers have been landed up to 20 lbs and many of the fly guys have been catching them on dry flies in mouse patterns.
All three beats, the river mouth, Bay of Pigs, and first pool in the River have been productive.
The new client lodge is just about ready and should be ready to go in a couple of weeks.
For more information contact

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


On my recent trip to Jurassic Lake Lodge in Patagonia Argentina, I knew the morning temperatures would be frigid.  So, I bought a pair of Simms Fleece Bibs to wear under my waders.  They were just what the doctor ordered.  Super warm and they stretch to give full range of motion.  The bibs are constructed of breathable material and have zipper front entry.  There are 2 pockets in the chest and stretch woven stirrups to prevent them from slipping off under your waders.  I wish I have purchased these years ago for my numerous trips to Alaska and the Arctic Circle, N.W. T. Canada.   I highly recommend these bibs also for ice fishing. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Recently had the opportunity to return to the world's best rainbow trout fishing which is located in Jurassic Lake in Argentina Patagonia.  Our group of nine arrived in the remote town of El Calafate and took a 6 hr ride to the lodge which sits on the banks of the Barrancoso River.  The fishing was beyond belief.  We averaged an amazing 100 TROPHY RAINBOWS PER PERSON PER DAY, for a total of over 4,000 bows for 4 1/2 days of fishing with the majority topping the 10 lbs mark and a few in the upper teens with the largest 2 in at 20 lbs.Best Rainbow Fishery on Earth!
  About 20 years ago the Argentine government stocked McLeod strain rainbows into these waters with the hope of commercial use.  The program was aborted and the rainbows grew to tremenedous sizes due to the abundance of scuds to feed on.   We fished at the lower stretch of the Barrancoso River that runs into the lake as well as right at the mouth as it runs into the Lake.  Also, the Bay of Pigs was fished which is known for monster sized rainbows.
All spots are about a 5 minute walk from the lodge for fishing can be done all day if desired.  The weather was cold as he had a few snow flurries one morning and noticed flows of ice coming down the river.  On our departure we took the lodges charter flight which is about 1 hour 15 minutes to the town of Comodoro Rivadavia then about a 2 hr flight to Buenos Aires on Aerolingus Argentinas.  This was my third trip to the lodge.  Owner, Carlos Casanello is doing of wonderful job with the lodge.  He currently has a new guest building just about completed which has spacious rooms facing the river/lake with large bay windows.  Each room hold 2 guests.  Also a wader drying room is under construction.  Jurassic is know for forceful winds so boats are not used or needed.  All fishing is either done from the bank or wading.  Cannot wait until next October to return to the Best Rainbow Trout Fishing on Earth!

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Recently returned to the Alaska Peninsula for the 28th straight year in search of monster silver salmon and arctic char.  Pumice Creek Lodge is located about 100 miles south from the town of King Salmon.  Here lies the best silver salmon fishery in the world, The Cinder River.  I was joined by friends Dr. Cole Lundquist, Dr. Kevin Cleary, and Joe Bullock.  Later in the week friend Jeff Wilcox would join us for perhaps my greatest silver salmon catch to date.  Lodge owner, Gary LaRose, informed us of a new hotspot where the silvers were practically swimming on top of each other. The location was a small outlet in Mud Bay which is on the Cinder River.  On the first day the fishing was practically insane!  Silvers could be seen with their fins sticking out of the water making it fairly easy to land a silver on practically every cast.
 Cole lead the way with over 130 silvers.  I landed 115 which is not a good day but a fantastic day.  The past few years on the Cinder are producing numerous days with 100+ silvers landed per person.  The rest was of week was similar.  I fished some of my old hotspots upriver and found them loaded with silvers.  Wading the Cinder River is one of my fishing highlights each season.  One day during the week we went over to Lava Creek for a 1/2 day of casting small spinners for arctic char.
 The fishing was good, but not as good as normal because the creek was slightly high and the flow was extremely fast.  Still, we all were able to land between 40 to 50 char many in their beautiful spawning coloration.  Pumice Creek is remote as you will not see others during your stay.  Less than 15 folks fish the Cinder and Lava each season.  Make sure to get into these fisheries while an opportunity exists.  For more information you can contact me and I will put you in touch with the lodge owner.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Venice Redfish update

Capt. Keith Kennedy of Born to Fish Charters says the fishing is still redhot for big bull reds out of Venice.  The recent hurricane did not slow down the bite according to Capt. Keith.  On Tuesday, a monster red of 41 lbs was brought into his boat by a very happy client.  The fishing should continue strong the rest of the year.  Keith has a few openings so book a trip now!  Venice can be reached by flying into New Orleans then renting a car for a 2 hr drive.  Everything is included in Keith's package such as tackle, meals, and accommodations.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


The Halibut derbies out of the towns of Valdez and Homer are in full swinging and coming to a close in a few weeks.  Currently the leader in Homer is a halibut weighing 240 lbs while the top butt in Valdez is a monster weighing 374 lbs which will be the largest halibut entered in the Valdez derby.  A one day ticket costs $10 and there are numerous payoffs including over 15K for the winner.  Both ports offer prizes for tagged fish plus weekly winners.  So, if you heading to Alaska you have a few weeks to catch a true monster and take home a suitcase of prize money!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Top Tactics for Monster Bull Reds

On my recent trip to Venice while fishing for bull redfish with Capt. Keith Kennedy of "Born To Fish Charters", certain tactics paid dividends on big bulls.  First off we used popping rigs consisting of popping corks from the  These corks produce lots of noise thus drawing in the big bulls.  Attached to these poppers where Berkley Havoc Sick minnows in either the 4 in or 5 1/2 in models.  They have the appearance of a real fish and have tremendous action during the popping process.   We rigged up the Sick minnow on 8/0 Owner circle hooks with a 1/8 oz bullet weight.
For some topwater action, the top lures were the Halco 4 1/2 in Roosta Popper and the Dahlberg Whopper Plopper 110.  So, make sure to get into the great redfish action in Venice which is going on right now.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Had the opportunity to fish out of Venice, LA for monster bull reds with friends Jeff Stagg and Dr. Gary Clark during August 10 to 12.  We were guided by Capt. Keith Kennedy of "Born To Fish" Charters.  The fishing was redhot.  On day 1 we landed a total of 30 bull reds up to 36 lbs.  The top lures were popping corks rigged with 8/0 circle hooks attached with Berkley Havoc Sick minnows.  We fished in 8 to 12 feet of water and observed hundreds of mullet mulling around in the area.  Numerous double and triple headers were obtained throughout the day.  The majority of the bulls landed were between 22 and 28 lbs which were weighed/ photographed/ and released.  The weather was perfect in the early morning with calm winds.  We however dogged a few thunderstorms in the late morning.
 Day 2 was another ideal day.  The winds were down and the sun was shining.  We again saw numerous birds feeding on baitfish which led us to a great day of catching big bull reds.  We landed 34 reds with the largest weighing in at 23 lbs with the majority of the bulls weighing between 18 to 22 lbs.  A few black tip sharks were in the area which broke off a few of our lures.  On Day 3 we awoke to black skies with thunderstorms in the area.  Looking out for the safety of all, Capt. Keith awaited out the storms and we left the dock in the late morning.  We dogged a few thunderstorms which limited our fishing.  We still landed 12 bull reds up to 32 lbs and 2 jack crevalle which the largest pushing the scales at 30 lbs.  I highly recommend this trip to all.  Capt Keith does everything in his power to put you on big bull reds.  He provides all tackle, meals, and lodging. His meals are simply delicious to say the least with dishes of shrimp and blackened redfish on the menu.  Venice is easy to get to. Fly into New Orleans and rent a car for the 2 hour ride to Venice.  It is a trip you will not forget.  Capt Keith books fast.  Give him a call at (504) 908-3108.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rapala Magnum 40

Rapala has recently introduced the Magnum 40 to the USA.  Previously, this lure was available only in Australia.  The Mag 40 has a massive lip allowing it to reach depths of up to 40 feet.  It was recently awarded the "Best Saltwater Hard Lure" at the ICAST 2017.  This should be a fantastic lure for the huge golden dorado at La Zona.  I anxiously await to try them out!

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Besides fishing, one of my other hobbies is collecting fishing lures.  Having a "tackle store" in my basement, I have thousands of lures for multiple species.  While fishing for Yellowcheek on my recent trip to China, despite my low catch rate, I predominately used the Jackall Gantarel and Gantarel Jr. lures.  These are jointed body lures representing bluegills.  With a steady retrieve they swim slow and natural, or give it a twitch and the lure turns 180 degrees sometimes triggering a strike.  The body has a wire through harness with rotating hook and natural looking pectoral fins. On a steady retrieve the lure dives about 3 feet.   They come with feathered hooks, but I replaced them as I deemed them not very strong.  Am anxious to see if these lures can hold up to the fierce golden dorado of La Zona.

Friday, July 7, 2017

La Zona News

With water levels coming back to normal, fishing for golden dorado in the zone has been fantastic according to La Zona Lodge owner, Hector Bradanini.  Numerous dorado exceeding 40 pounds were landed the first weekend in July.  After a conversation with Hector regarding other options from La Zona Lodge,
it was decided that an option to fish for huge surubi catfish can be added to your trip.  A possible schedule would be to fish golden dorado inside La Zona for 4 days then fish for the surubi outside the zone for 2 or 3 days.
 This would take place during the good season for surubi which is July and August.  For more information contact

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Now is the time to start planning your dream fishing trip to Argentina.  Monster golden dorado which are mean as hell are available on the Uruguay and Parana Rivers.  La Zona Lodge which is located in the town of Concordia offers the largest dorado on earth during the months of January through May then good fishing again mid September through December.  During the months of July and August, La Zona Lodge can set you up at a chance of a monster surubi catfish of your dreams.  I have fished here numerous times and dorado over 40 pounds are caught daily and perhaps a 50 pound will be caught during your stay.  I have fished La Zona each year since it opened to sportfishing and it is as good now as the first year I went.  This past January I landed two monster dorado exceeding 50 pounds!  There definately are dorado swimming around exceeding 60 lbs!!!The bookings go fast so act now before it is too late.
The most famous dorado outfitter on the Parana is Matias Pavoni.  I have known Matias and his wife Fany for many years.  Matias was a wonderful guide years ago at La Zona and definately can put you on big dorado.  He has since established his own guiding service and lodging out of the town of Corrientes.
In Southern Argentina in the famous Patagonia Region the best rainbow trout fishing on earth is available.  Jurassic Lake Lodge sits on Lago Strobel where thousands of double digit rainbow trout swim.  You have a decent chance at a rainbow exceeding 20 pounds during your stay.  The season beings in the Argentina Springtime and last until their winter months.  I have fished here numerous times and the fishing has been fantastic.
Argentina has rapidly become my favorite destination worldwide.  The people are very friendly, the beef is world class, and the fishing is beyond belief!  Make sure to spend a few days in Buenos Aires during your visit.
Write me if you need any information on any of the destinations mentioned above and I can put you in touch with the owners of the operations!

Saturday, June 17, 2017


On June 2 I took Air Canada out of Chicago via Toronto to Shanghai China to fish for Yellowcheek Carp.  3 other friends from Chicago met me at the Shanghai Airport along with a representative from the fishing lake where we would fish for 4 days.  We rode in a comfortable van about 2 hours to a 5 star hotel,  After unpacking and getting a much needed rest we took a golf cart about 5 min from the hotel to Mingzhu Lake where the big Yellowcheek swim.  Mingzhu Lake is a very small, shallow body of water which was originally a tributary of the Yangtze River's esturary then embanked into a lake in the early 1970s.  We fished out of very comfortable bass boats powered by 60 hp Mercury outboards.  The 2 areas of concentration on the lake is where there are flows of water which is on the north and south side.  This flow attracts bighead carp which is the main diet of the Yellowcheek.  The lures of choice were approx.. 6 in swimbaits such as the Jackall Gantarel and Gantarel Jr.  Fishing was on the slow side, however
, I did land a Yellowcheek and a Stargazer.  One in the group had did very well with Yellowcheek est. around 100 and 70lbs.  I have no clue as to why they are called "carp" as they have large pointed mouths with large V shaped tails which give them tremendous speed.  The last day of our trip I had an extremely large Yellowcheek exploded on my Gantarel but however did not get hooked.  During the stay I found the Chinese people to be some of the friendliest folks I have encountered.  They are extremely hard working people. I did not see the military presence nor the poverty areas we often of American Television.  If I did not know better I would have thought I was fishing in NW WI due to the numerous Pine Trees surrounding the lake.  The weather was not extremely hot with temp probably in the mid 80s.  We did have some rain during the stay.
 We had no problems whatsoever going through customs in China.  Hopefully someday I get the opportunity to return to attempt to catch the one that got away.  Will definately practice with some chop sticks too!! Believe me that American Chinese Food is nothing like "Chinese Food"!!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I was recently introduced by friend, Etan Zimmet, about a book on Goliath tigerfish.  Author, Douglas Dann, wrote "The Largest Tigerfish in the World" The Goliath".  In the book, Dann discusses the history of the goliaths with top records, best lures, places and when to go after these beasts.  The best place Dann states is in the Congo which at this time is quite dangerous.  Since taking a trip to Tanzania for tigerfish, catching a goliath is a dream which hopefully will come true one day.  A missionary from my church currently preaches in the Congo.  Hopefully one day I get the chance to ask him about fishing for the goliaths.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Friend, Terry McBrayer, had the opportunity to fish for monster rainbow trout out of Jurassic Lake Lodge, Argentina. during the last week of April.  Jurassic Lake a.k.a Lago Strobel is located in the Southern end of Argentina's Patagonia region.  Here, the largest rainbow trout on earth swim.  Terry reports the water was very low and did not fish in the Rio Barrancoso which flows into Jurassic located a short walk from Jurassic Lake Lodge. However the fishing was fantasic near the river mouth according to Terry.  McCloud River rainbow smolt were introduced into Jurassic back in 1989.  These wild rainbows had the perfect environment to grow to huge sizes, no predators and ice cold water full of an unlimited food supply.  Terry's 87 years old friend landed a huge rainbow pushing the scales at 22 lbs.  Terry says he did not hear of a rainbow under 10 lbs being landed at the mouth of the Barrancosco.  I can attest to the size of these rainbows having fished out of Jurassic Lake Lodge the past 2 years and already have booked for 2017.  For more information you can always contact me at or contact Jurassic Lake Lodge owner, friend Carlos at

Saturday, April 29, 2017


With Spring finally here many are looking to book a trip for monster fish in a new environment.  Venice, LA offers some of the best redfish action on earth.  Numerous bull reds in excess of 40 lbs swim in these waters.  Venice is about a 2 hrs drive from New Orleans.  The top go to guy out of Venice is Capt. Keith Kennedy who operates Born To Fish Charters.  Capt. Keith has been guiding for big bull reds for many years and keeps on the action as to where the top producing areas are.  Many friends have fished with Capt. Keith and return each year for some of the best fishing action they have experienced worldwide.  Keith offers packages which include everything even  your fishing license.  The Capt. also is a great cook so expect to really enjoy some of the blackened redfish and other great seafood dishes.  Capt. Keith books fast but has a few prime openings still available.  Having had to opportunity to fish the earth, Capt, Keith offers one of the best deals available at a fraction of the cost as some of the International destinations.  You can contact me and I can hook you up with Keith if you need more info on how to get into the best bull redfish action on earth!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

IGFA 2017 Hall Of Fame Inductees/ Larry Dahlberg

The IGFA ( International Game Fishing Association) recently announced their inductees to the IGFA Hall Of Fame.  Included in these inductees is friend Larry Dahlberg.  Many know Larry from his television show "The Hunt For Big Fish".  This is one of the few shows where multiple species throughout the world are shown.  Not just the same old show after show of bass or walleye fishing!  Larry has fished in over 80 countries catching a wide variety of species. Larry along with friends from Shimano helped put La Zona on the map when he was guided years ago by Hector Bradanini. I still have numerous articles Larry wrote in "In-Fisherman" magazine years ago. To this day, the La Zona episode is my favorite
on his TV show.   He was inducted into the Freshwater Hall of Fame in 1996.  Joining Larry into the Hall of Fame this year is bass fisherman, Rick Clunn, Billfisherman Peter Fithian, Light tackle angler, Mike Levitt, and billfish biologist Dr. Eric Prince.  Over the past few years I have been able to meet, become friends,  and discuss fishing with Larry.  Congratulations to Larry and the other 2017 IGFA Hall of Fame inductees!

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Recently I had the opportunity to test out the new TFD Big Fish spinning rods made by Temple Fork Outfitters.  These rods were designed by Larry Dahlberg who is known for his "Hunt For Big Fish" television show.  I was given the 8 ft 6 in 2 piece rods in power strengths of #2, #3, and #4.  The target species on this test was Giant Trevally out in the Indian Ocean out of the Islands of Maldives.
I teamed the rod up with a Daiwa Saltiga 6500H spinning reel spooled with 80 lbs Momoi Diamond Braid.  The rods were found to be extremely light which made casting comfortable in 100 deg temperatures.  The handles allow for both hands to be used to load up the rod to make extra long casts.  They are quite powerful and can handle about anything that swims in my opinion.  When I visited with Larry at the Chicago Sportshow, he held the tip to the floor and told me to pull up on the rod with all my strength in an attempt to break it.  The rod won!!  My favorite was the #3 which had no problem casting heavy stickbaits up to 6 oz.  The handles are made out of premium cork which again saves on weight.  As of today these rods are not yet available.  I believe a 9 ft rod in the same power strengths will be available soon.
The casting rods are available.  I did not try these out but have a 7 ft 6 in model Mag 3 ready to battle golden dorado on my next visit to La Zona and perhaps to battle Yellowcheek on my upcoming trip to China.  The casting rods are also 2 pieces.  They are available in lengths of 7ft 8in, 8ft, 8ft 6in, 9ft, and 9ft 6in.  Larry has a patented rubberized Comfort Trigger handle on them.  Both rods utilize Temple Fork's high modulus carbon fiber blank material.  These rods are again very light which will allow extra long casts throughout the day without get wore out!
I am sure that both the spinning model and casting models can handle the brutal punishment of a multitude of fresh and saltwater monsters!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

IGFA changes on line class records

Effective April 1, 2017, the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) has announced changes in their recognition of line class records.  The potential record catches will now be required to meet a minimum ratio between the weight of the fish and the line class category.  For line class records up to 10 kg, the weight of the catch must be at least 1/2 that of the line class.  For example a fish entered in the 10 kg line class must weigh at least 5 kg.  For line class records greater than 10 kg, the fish must be equal to, or greater than the line class  For example a fish entered in the 20 kg line class must weigh at least 20 kg.  Records previously announced prior to the rule change will remain intact with an asterisk next to the record catch.  For those of you who are record seekers, make sure to know the rules beforehand!

Friday, February 3, 2017


During the early 1990s, the Arctic Char was my favorite fish to seek along with the Amazon peacock bass.
 In search for trophy Arctic Char I was fortunate to fish the top destinations such as the famous Tree River in the Northwest Territories of Canada and High Arctic Lodge which is located in Nanavut, Canada.  Both places are way up north and have a window of about 6 weeks to fish as the ice comes fast up there!  In Alaska, we catch a relative of the Arctic char, the Dolly Varden.  Char and Dolly Varden's are sought after mostly because of their beautiful spawning coloration.
These silver colored species have their lower sides turn during spawning to a brilliant reddish orange.  Their backs turn greenish to brownish black and the upper sides have pink or red spots.  Their lower fins turn bright red trimmed with whte.  The lower jaw on the males get a slight kype.
Recently, I read a story in the IGFA "International Angler" on Kamchatka.  Here swim another species of which I was not familiar with, the highly prized sea-run East Siberian white spotted char.  These char have silver-gray sides with white cream colored spots.  They claim these Siberian char can reach 40 inches.  Hopefully someday soon I will get the opportunity to see one on the end of my fishing line!