Saturday, April 27, 2013


The restricted and exclusive fishery beneath the Salto Grande Dam of the Uruguay River has been responsible for yielding more trophy-class golden dorado than any other fishable waters in South America.  The size and numbers of golden dorado in these waters far surpasses any other dorado fishery in the world!
For years, the fabled peacock bass of South America has garnered the majority of fame and publicity within the circle of traveling anglers who search for exciting gamefish species throughout the globe.  There is a true fishing treasure- one glistening in gold- that awaits anglers at the Argentina/Uruguay border.  The freshwater dorado has caused many to contact "gold fever" for those fortunate to have had the opportunity to fish for them.  From it's inception in 2003, the fantastic sportfish destination referred to as "La Zona" has earned the deserved reputation of being the finest trophy golden dorado fishery in the world..   La Zona refers to an almost mystical or legendary fishery and an exclusive fishing operation located within a protected area on the Uruguay River, downstream from the Salto Grande dam project.  The name was borrowed from "The Twilight Zone" television series because from the moment anglers first experienced this unbelievable dorado fishery, they found it to be a place far beyond their expectations. It is home to more 40 and 50 pound class golden dorado than any destination in the world.  I have been fortunate to fish La Zona for 7 years and hereby name it "The World's Greatest Freshwater Fishery".  For more information contact Steve Yatomi at or email him at

Saturday, April 20, 2013

La Zona report for April 12 to 15

Busted rods, gears burned out on top of the line reels, hooks bent which seems impossible, snaps opened, lures destroyed, and lines broken , all which describes our fantastic trip to La Zona Lodge on the Uruguay River. This was my 7th trip to the magical fishery known as La Zona for monster golden dorado.  With high water conditons, the odds were not in my favor to top my personal best of 48lbs and land a golden dorado over 50lbs. However, my dreams were answered with monsters of 53, 52, and 51 pounds.
Top guides, Alejandro, Fabi, Elvis, and Matias knew where these monsters were lurking and the proper methods to land them.  Deep divers were the key just knicking the deep submerged rocks where the dorado lay out of the strong currents waiting to ambush their next meal!

Everyone in the group of 4 landed monster dorado of at least 47 pounds.  Counting only huge dorado over 30 pounds we wound up with a total of 25 trophies for the 4 days of fishing which is a testiment of the great guides at La Zona Lodge.

Cannot wait to head back next season and land a 60 pound giant.  La Zona Lodge fills quickly as golden dorado are landed year round.  Contact Steve Yatomi at and email him at for booking information on the trip of your dreams!!