Tuesday, December 6, 2011


On the 6th day of my Thailand fishing adventure we travelled about an hour out of Bangkok to the Boon Mar Ponds. Here there are lots and lots of ponds which the owner raises barramundi to sell to restaurants around the world. Fishing at Boon Mar remined me of the first time as a youngster entering a candy or toy store. Simply Amazing!!!! We caught big barramundi cast after cast. I figured we landed over 200 barramundi up to 18lbs in 6 hours of fishing. It got to the point that we were casting lures to see which ones they would not attack!!! The best were jointed minnow type baits like the Yo-Zuri jointed Sashimi minnows. The water literally boils when the barras attack your lure. They put on one of the best fights I have received on my spinning gear. Steve had his "new" reel drag gears burn up after the intense fighting of the barras. I landed a few on Klures barra popper also. This is truely one of the most amazing fisheries I have ever experienced. Definately put in on your list if you ever visit Thailand.

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