Tuesday, December 27, 2011


With winter upon us, now is a great time to do some preventative maintenance on your fishing reels. I suggest if using mono line you discard it and replace in the spring. If using braid this should not be a problem so I would check the line for any abrasions, rips, cuts, etc..
Clear the reels with water including the worm-drive. A main item is to back off the drags since it puts excessive pressure on the drag system washers. This is a good idea to also do daily throughout the fishing season. Do not grease the worm drive on your reels. This only collects dirt, dust, etc. Just clean it with water.
If you have used your reel in saltwater, it is imperative to clean with freshwater to get rid of any salt deposits.
On level wind reels, close the spool tension knob to prevent dirt, dust from collecting in the gap.
After all the above is done, store your reels in a cloth or felt bag which further prevents dust from collecting in the reel.
Reels are a huge investment, so spending a few hours to maintain them will definately allow them to operate for years and years.

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