Sunday, February 21, 2016


Next up in my ongoing adventures for monster fish is to the Islands of Maldives.  Maldives is a South Asian tropical Island Nation sitting in the Indian Ocean.  It is composed of 26 atolls and hundreds of islands.  Our main target is monster giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, and an assortment of other saltwater species.
 This type of fishing will be totally new to me as I have never done a saltwater trip.  Therefore the majority of the equipment I have will be of no use so I have spent a so called "fortune" on new rods, saltwater reels, and lures which can hold up to these brutes.  The prime lure for the giant trevally is giant topwater poppers some of which are the size of small bowling pins.
 Dogtooth tuna are normally fooled by heavy jigs weighing up to 12 oz.  The spinning reels for these species must have powerful drags and hold lots of line.  Cheaper reels will be destroyed.  I broke down for this trip and purchased a very expensive Daiwa Saltiga 6500H which goes for over $1000!  Poppers are not cheap either as some go for over $50!  Should be a fantastic trip visiting new land and people plus adding new monster fish to my list!    Very anxious and who knows, I might get hooked on the saltwater species and fall in love with the country of Maldives!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Big largemouth action in Central Florida

Friend Gary Clark recently fished with Capt. Eddie Bussard for monster Florida largemouth bass.  Gary says the action is redhot and now is the time to get into the action.  Capt Eddie fishes numerous lakes in Central Florida including the famous St. Johns River.  He fills very quickly during the next few months but has a few openings remaining.  Give him at call at 321-377-2013 for more information.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Daiwa has recently come out with a new line of braided fishing line, the J-Braid.  The J-Braid is constructed of 8 strands of tightly woven fibers which makes for a perfectly round profile.  This aids in the softness and strength of the braid which provides increased casting distance.  The J-Braid is in 3 colorations, dark green chartreuse, and multi-color.  The dark green and chartreuse colorations are available in 8lbs to 80lbs while the multi-color braid is available in 20 to 120lbs.