Wednesday, March 27, 2013


When fishing for monster river fish, super strong sharp hooks are necessary to land these beasts.  The Owner ST-66 and ST-76 are without a doubt in my opinion the best hooks on the market to land these brutes.  Store bought lures come with cheap hooks and absolutely need to be replaced.  The ST-66 is 4X strong and super sharp.  It is coated with a corrosion resistant vacuum thinned finish.  I have landed monster golden dorado and Papua New Guinea black bass on these which tells how strong these hooks actually are.  The Owner ST-76 is even stronger, rated at 5X strong.  PNG black bass were no match for these hooks teamed up with the Wolverine triple coiled split rings.  The ST-66 comes in sizes ranging from 4 to 4/0 while the ST-76 comes in size of 3/0 to 5/0.  So, on you next monster fishing adventure, make sure you do not lose the fish of your dreams by hook failure!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


During high water conditons, the current on the Uruguay River in the section known as La Zona accelerates making bottom contact extremely difficult.  Extremely thin profile bladebaits are just the answer.  The razor thin body shape makes these lures more hydrodynamic.  The key is keeping the lure slightly off the bottom with a constantly lift drop yo-yo type retrieve.  The Braid Products Braidrunner is the perfect choice.  These bladebaits come in a 5 inch( 4 1/2oz) model and a larger 7inch(6oz) model in various colorations.  These lures are very easy to cast long distances.  The thin body will allow the strong currents to carry the bladerunner downstream between yo-yo type retrieves.  These lures will put out a tremenous amount of vibration.  The lure comes with 5 line placement holes on it's top.  The action and vibration the lure puts out is dependent on line placement in these holes.  For a shallower,less vibration action, attach the line in the front hole.  For a deeper, more vibration action, attach the line in the rear hole.  These lures are great options for high water condtions not only at La Zona but at  your favorite monster fish location.  Before your next trip make sure to add a few to your tackle box!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


According to the IGFA, angler Guy Yocom will never forget his fishing day on September 18th.  Yocom landed the IGFA all tackle yellow fin tuna which weighed in at 427lbs.  Yocom had previously filled out paperwork for the Mustad "Hook A Million" contest in which a Million dollars would be given if 1 out of 10 different species spread throughout the continent was landed on a Mustad hook and verfied by the IGFA as the all tackle world record.  Yocom landed his record tuna in Cabo San Lucas on a Mustad hook and won a cool $1,000,000 for the record.  Just goes to show it does pay to go fishing!

Friday, March 1, 2013


Capt Eddie Bussard of, has really been on a big bass catch!  Yesterday, Capt Eddie's clients landed monster bass between 7 to 12 pounds.  Earlier in the week clients landed bass over 10 pounds for 3 days in a row!!!  Capt Bussard has over 30 years of guiding experience around Orlando and Central Florida.  The St. Johns River and Lake Toho are only minutes away from Orlando and Disney World.  So on your next family visit to Disney World, sneak away for a day or 2 of trophy bass fishing with Capt Eddie.  He can be reached at