Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Venice, LA bull redfish report

As many might be aware, the Gulf has reopened to fishing after the oil spill was contained. Friends, Dr. Gary Clark and crew are currently fishing out of Venice, LA with Capt. Keith Kennedy of Born To Fish Charters
(504) 908-3108. Dr. Clark reports the fishing to be fantastic. On day 1, 34 bull reds up to 35lbs were caught. Day 2 was even better as they stayed in the same spot the entire day and landed 82 bull reds up to 36lbs.
Best of all, Dr. Clark reports no oil was observed.
I have personally fished with Capt. Keith Kennedy and high recommend his services for big bull reds. Capt. Keith provides everything from housing, meals and even rods/reels and tackle.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Friend, Rick Grover, and 3 of his close fishing friends were fortunate to fish for the elusive tigerfish last week in Tanzania, Africa. The guys fished the Rhudji River and Mnyera River. The camps are ran by Kilombero North Safaris and only allow 4 fishermen per week. There are very strict rules in camp such as different sections of the rivers will be fished during the 5 day stay. Hooks have to be single and barbless which makes it very difficult to land a tigerfish, but the barbless hook enables successful release when caught.

Clients must be in the presence of trained guides at all times as the Kilombero area poses many risks such as the rivers are teeming with hippos and crocodiles and the likelihood for close elephant, lion, and buffalo encounter. Rick said the group saw all of these animals plus many more.

The largest tigerfish caught for the group was a monster 22lbs tigerfish. Numerous others were caught by each angler. The trip was a fantastic experience by all and not soon to be forgotten.

I am heading to the same camp in the middle of October. Should be an experience of a lifetime!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Due to the worst return of Sockeye Salmon to the Russian River in 33 years, the famous sport fishery has been closed by the Alaska DNR.

So far this summer, only 15,519 sockeyes have been counted swimming past the fish counting weir. By comparison, last year 80,000 sockeyes were counted and really good years over 150,000 reds were counted.

The Russian River flows into the much bigger Kenai River. So far on the Kenai, 880,000 sockeyes have been counted.

Normally, the reds (sockeyes) return to spawn every 5th or 6th year which they will eventually die. Their body undergoes a drastic change from silver coloration to a blood red body with green head.

Of the 5 species of Pacific Salmon (kings, silvers, chums, pinks, and sockeyes) sockeyes are most likely the best for consumption.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Kermett Adams,, Jawbreaker lures are now available through his website on the dorado link. The Jawbreaker is made of Eastern red cedar, and has a body of 3 inches long. The overall length of the lure is 5.75 inches and weighs 1.75oz. It has a through wire construction with 0.060 steel wire. There is a large buzz blade which puts a big wake when retrieved. It comes with supre strong Wolverine split rings and super strong Owner hooks. This lure will definately bring in the monster dorado of La Zona!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Longtime friend, George Levasseur, caught a 363.9lbs halibut on Aug 9th. George fished approx 100 miles out of Valdez in 176ft using a jig and herring. The halibut broke his 100lbs PowerPro line after the first harpoon hit the monster. Another harpoon was added and the 4 guys on board had their hands full pulling the monster into the boat. The giant ousted the Valdez Derby leader by a whopping 110 lbs. George's halibut is perhaps the 2nd largest halibut caught in the SouthCentral Alaska since the derby's starteed years ago. Valdez pays off $20,000 for the halibut winner, so George can most likely count on the money.
I have fished with George numerous times on his boat out of Valdez. Congratulations to George!!! The same day George also landed halibuts weighing 142, 125, and 100lbs. George better using his derby winnings to buy another freezer!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


This past Sunday, a Colorado angler fishing out of Homer Alaska, caught the halibut of a lifetime weighing in at 313lbs. However, if he would have paid $10 for a Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby ticket he might have won $40,000.

Currently the leader in the derby is a halibut weighing in at 273lbs with a just under 2 months of fishing remaining.

Last year the derby winner was paid $40,440

So if you are going to fish for halibut in Homer anytime soon, make sure you spend $10 to enter the derby because you never know!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Rapala (Normark Corporation) has announced it has discontinued making the classic peacock bass lure, the woodchopper, and all of the Luhr-Jensen line of surface plugs. Peacock bass anglers have been relying on the woodchopper since the late 1980s to land monster peacocks.

For a great substitute to the woodchopper, check out Kermett Adams Peacock ripper and ripper chico at