Saturday, December 10, 2011


Every year, I upgrade my top 10 freshwater fighting fish as new species are normally landed each year. During 2011, I was able to catch numerous dream fish in Thailand of which many are now in my top 10. The requirements are regardless of size, just the about of battle they put out.

Here goes.

#1. Jullien's Golden Prized Carp

#2. Golden Dorado

#3. Giant Mekong Catfish

#4. Amazon Redtail Catfish

#5. Tigerfish

#6. Peacock Bass

#7. Giant Siamese Carp

#8. Barramundi

#9. Giant Snakehead

#10. Payara

honorable mentions are Giant NWT Lake Trout, big Alaska silver salmon, chum salmon, sturgeon, bluegill, arctic char,arapaima, smallmouth bass, steelhead, alligator gar, and muskie.

Am sure when I update my favorite top 10 next season, a few hopefully will be added.

Am curious as to your top 10!

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