Sunday, January 1, 2012


Looking to get your reel repaired or upgraded during the winter season? Jerry Foran of can do this for you. Jerry works on baitcasting reels only, specializing in Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reels. However, he also can repair all other major brands. Each reel is totally disassembled and inspected for worn out parts. Each reel is hand cleaned down to the threads on the screws, oiled with top lubricants, reassembled, and tested to make sure all is well! I recently sent in a few Abu Garcia baitcasting reels to replace the drag washers. Jerry has a huge collection of rare Abu Garcia Baitcasters. He can custom build classic/vintage 70's style Ambassadeur Batcasting reels to your specifications! He has worked on these type of reels since his youth.

The Smooth Drag Company,, out of Southern California makes top of the line drag washers. The drag is what tires out the fish. It more or less lets the line unwind when a fish pulls hard. There are numerous types of drag systems and brands. They are all adjustable so you can control the pounds of "drag" it takes to pull line off of your reel. Often problems occur when the drag starts to slip or stick. If the drag is set properly your line should never break. Most drag washers are either metal or teflon. When your line does not pull off smoothly it is time to inspect or replace the drag washers. I contacted the folks at the Smooth Drag. By replacing the washers with their top of the line models, I should see an increase of roughly 3 pounds of drag pull which will definately help in landing Monster Fish! So I highly recommend you check the drag before your next fishing adventure. If problems persist contact Jerry Foran at 904-259-6039 or contact the Smooth Drag Company at 18882064656 and do the repairs yourself!

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