Saturday, March 31, 2012


According to "Outdoor Life", angler Bennie Williams recently broke the Oklahoma State record largemouth bass with a whopping 14 pound 12.3 ounce monster. Williams landed the bass in Cedar Lake which is in Eastern Oklahoma.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Looking to get the recent news on peacock bass, dorado, and other South American fiseries? Look no further than the Pescarte Forum at
Here you can ask questions to the top peacock fishermen in the world. Get recent updates on water levels, top tackle, best rivers, etc.. The forum is monitored by Ezequiel Theodoro Da Silva who is an IGFA International Committee Member from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Da Silva was the first president of the Brazilian Sport Fisherman Society and now collaborates with the Brazilian Federation of Brazilian Fishermen.
Take a look at this forum before planning your next trip to South American!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Looking to go on your dream fishing trip? Don't know who to contact? Well, Steve Yatomi of can help you book the best destinations in the world. Steve has visited over 70 countries and has or either knows someone who has previously fished these great destinations. While many booking agents more or less are big corporations, Steve offers personal service. He can recommend the best lodges, best times, best lures, etc.. for the specific fish spieces your dreams desire! Larry Dahlberg of is one of ATA advisor's, while I am on the pro staff of ATA helping out clients heading to La Zona for monster dorado. It costs no more to book with ATA then to book direct. However if booking directly you lose all the perks mentioned above with the personal service. So, target the fish of your dreams and contact Steve at


Vetern redfish angler, Gary Clark did some early season scouting for redfish out of Venice, LA along with top captain Keith Kennedy. Fishing was so-so with lots of fog due to the warming waters. However a few big reds were landed. Gary reports the top lure being the El Grande Lures Saltwater BoomRAng in foxy fred coloration rigged on a 3/8 to 1/2oz jighead.

After taking a few months off of guiding for personal reasons, Capt Keith is back on the water. As you have seen in previous posts, Capt. Keith constantly produces monster bull reds day in and out far outproducing other charter captains in the area. Normall booked to the max, Keith has some prime dates still available for the coming season. This fishing is truely world class at a fraction of the cost of International Adventures.

Give Capt. Keith a call at (504) 908-3108 for booking information or write him at or check him out on his Facebook page.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


While fishing on Lake Dunn, Arkansas, angler Paul Crowder hooked into the largest largemouth bass of his life! The bass weighed in at 16lbs 5oz besting the Arkansas 36 year record by 1oz! Crowder was fishing with a 6in Mann's Jelly worm. The monster bass measured 26 1/2 inches and had a girth of 27 3/4 inches!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


After years of war and isolation, Laos, Southeast Asia's most pristine environment, is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. The fisheries in Laos practically remain untapped. Friend Francois Helias of has recently been taking a few groups of adventure fishermen into Laos looking for new IGFA World Records. Francois has either guided or caught over 250 World Records himself and has the prestigous IGFA Lifetime Achievemnet Award as one of his numerous acknowledgements he has gained for opening the fabulous fishing offered in places such as Thailand and now Laos to fishermen world wide. In Laos there are numerous species to be landed including Giant Siamese Carp, monster Golden Carp, Masheer, jungle perch, and hundreds of other species waiting for you to claim a new IGFA Record! Contact Francois to join a group into Laos at

Friday, March 2, 2012


Avid dorado fishermen, Dr. Gary Clark has fished for monster golden dorado on the Uruguay River in a section known as La Zona. Golden dorado are mean, tackling busting, avid fighters, who constantly destroy fishing rods, reels, tackle! Dr. Clark had great luck using so-called ramped up spinnerbaits only to see the golden dorado turn the spinnerbait wire into a pretzel. After months of experimenting with hooks, wire, and design, Gary has come up with the

Dorado Killer spinnerbait named after yours truely! This beefed up spinnerbait weighs 2oz and comes with a giant willow blade attached with a top of the line ball bearing swivel. The spinnerbait is made out of unheard of 0.065 wire which can stand up to the largest dorado in La Zona. The hooks were tested by friend Art Weston to be some of the strongest on the market, the Gamakatsu 7/0 model 13017 O'Shaughnessy. Lure making is only a hobby to Dr. Clark as he is not in the tackle business. However a few of these have been put up for sale. Not only will they catch monster dorado, but will handle the strongest tigerfish, muskie, payara, peacock bass, etc which swim on earth. For more info on these limited spinnerbaits, contact Gary at