Thursday, September 30, 2010


For those of you who use to fish with Storm Hot-N-Tots, but find you cannot purchase the lures with their original colors, Dave Storm of has constructed the Winning Streak and jointed Mean Streak lures which are very similar in design to the original Hot-N-Tots. The Winning Steak comes in 64 different colorations and the lure is 1/4oz and 3 1/2 inches long. I have used these lures for years with leadcore line deep water trolling in open water for monster walleyes. My favorite coloration is the Fl. Green/ Black Herringbone. This lure has enabled me to catch numerous monster walleyes in Wisconsin the past few years. I highly recommend these lures for all avid walleye fishermen.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Kermett Adams now has available the Peacock Ripper and Peacock Ripper Chico in a green frog scale coloration. This should be a good coloration to catch monster peacock bass and also trophy largemouth bass, enomormous golden dorado, monster northern pike, and gigantic muskie. Check out for ordering information.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Getting ready to go on an exotic Peacock Bass fishing trip to the Amazon or are possibly thinking of taking a "Lifetime Trip"? Well, now is the time to get armed up with the best possible tackle to catch the Peacock Bass of your lifetime.

Kermett Adams of makes the top peacock bass lures in the business. Kermett hand makes each and every lure out of Premium Eastern Redwood and top of the line hooks, screws, propellers, etc.. to hold up to the violent strikes by the peacocks.

Kermett's Peacock Ripper is a propeller type lure 7 inches in length. Rip this across the surface to entice peacocks. The Peacock Ripper Chico is a smaller version with a length of 6 inches.

The September Pop is a popping lure which often gets the peacocks biting. It is 4 inches in length and makes a violent popping sound to get the peacocks active.

The Hot Dog is a "walk the dog" type lure with a length of 5.5 inches.

Check out all of Kermett's lures at and don't forget to check out his La Zona dorado lures for your next trip for monster dorado.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


STeve Yatomi of has notified me that he has 4 remaining spots of fish for monster peacock bass aboard the yacht Tayacu II during Nov 13-20. It is a hosted trip fishing also with the Tackle Tour Guys,

The Tayacu II is a very low draft yacht which allows you to enter very low waters where the other yachts cannot gain access to.

You will fish top notch monster peacock rivers such as the Preto, Cunini, Alegria, and others depending on which is deemed the best possible river for monster peacocks at the time.

Owner, Marlon Otero, has been in the business for years providing top service with some of the best experienced guides in the Amazon.

Last season a potential World Record Peacock Bass was released fishing out of the Tayacu II.

For more info on the "TRIP OF A LIFETIME" give Steve Yatomi a call at 1-800-254-FISH

Friday, September 17, 2010


A record 30lbs Orange Koi Carp was recently caught French angler Raphael Biagini. The Koi Carp is a close relative to the goldfish.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Legendary, Uraima Falls Payara Camp has been rebuilt. The lodge was destroyed by fire in 2008. Uraima Falls is in Eastern Venezuela. It separates the headwaters of the Rio Paragua froom the main body of the river. It holds claim to practically all the IFGA records for payara with the all-tackle record at a monsterous 39lbs.

Fishing is in very rapid waters below the falls where baitfish school up in massive amounts being easy prey to the fang tooth payara. Fishing is out of 30 foot canoes with 2 guides per canoe.

Anglers fly into Caracus overnight, then fly into Puerto Ordaz the next day and take a boat to the lodge.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Had the opportunity to fish Pumice Creek Lodge on the Alaska Peninsula during August 28th to September 4th. Fished with good friends Cole Lundquist, Rob Nevin, George Hollenbeck, Hartwing Bardosch, and Peter Nemith.

Pumice Creek Lodge is owned by friend Gary LaRose. The lodge is approximately 100 miles south of the town of King Salmon accessible only by plane.

All clients are housed in a sleeping building complete with hot shower. Gary built a main lodge building a few years ago where you meet for meals and drinks after a great day of fishing.
Gary will fly you either to the Cinder River for spectular Silver Salmon Fishing for to Lava Creek for a day of non-stop char fishing.

This was my 21st year fishing the Peninsula for silvers.

During our week we did well with tough fishing conditions as the water levels were unusually high. We fished sections of Pumice Creek which I have not fished before. However, guides Todd and Rudy put us on non-stop silver action.

My best day for silvers was 54 salmon landed and my best day for char was 99 landed.

Already booked for Sept 10 to 17 2011 and welcome anyone interested to join me for a

"Fishing Trip of a Lifetime"