Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Gifts

Dragging super strong spinnerbaits over the boulders which lie in the Uruguay River in the section known as "La Zona" has been the key to landing huge golden dorado the past few years.  To my knowledge, there are no store bought spinnerbaits available which can stand up to the viscous strike and pulling power of huge golden dorado.  Friend, Sparky Bullock, has designed a spinnerbait just to remedy this issue.  Sparky has friends who own a machine shop which are able to work with the extra thick diameter wire which is needed.  His design is either a 1 1/2 oz or 2 oz leadhead attached to the wire.  An Owner hyper wire split ring is attached to the leadhead then a SPRO Heavy Swivel is attached.  The extra strong single hook can then either be attached to the swivel or to another split ring.  This enables the hook to rotate during the lure tossing leaps by the golden dorado.  This is a huge advantage over a fixed hook.  Joe has only been selling these spinnerbaits to a select few.  However, he has agreed to sell them to friends of mine.

The spinnerbaits come with choice of blades, blade colors, skirt colors, and leadhead color.  For La Zona I highly recommend extra large double willow blades with orange/black skirts either weight.  Just drag these spinnerbaits around the boulders during your drift and you might be rewarded with some huge golden dorado over 50 lbs as I was fortune to last year.  Musky, big pike, and other monster species should also be fooled by Sparky's spinnerbaits.  Contact Joe Bullock at and tell him you are a friend of mine!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Gift

Want to send someone fishing at a World Class fishing destination as a Christmas Present but do not have a small fortune to send them to an International destination?  Well, Keith Kennedy of Born To Fish Charters operates our of Venice, LA.  World class fishing is available in Venice at a mere fraction of what it cost for an International trip.  Keith regularly put folks on trophy redfish throughout the year.  Everything is include when you book with Capt Keith.  He has excellent rods, reels, and the lures to use.
He also offers packages which include housing and meals.  To get to Capt. Keith's you can fly into New Orleans then rent a car for about a 2 hr drive to Venice.  For more information contact Keith at (504) 908-3108

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Last minute Christmas Gifts

Can't decide what to get that outdoors person in your life for Christmas?  Give Tom Ashby of AmericanLegacyFishingCompany a call.  Tom has countless years of experience evaluating the top products for fishing, hunting, and basically anything associated with the outdoors.  His company is the largest Gloomis dealer in the world and has a massive stock of top of the line Shimano and Daiwa products plus many many more.  The company is located in Evansville, Indiana and ships to any destination on earth.  Give Tom a call at 18774026350 or worldwide 18124026350.  Check out the products on the site,  If you sign up for their newsletter you get a 10% discount on your first order.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


What better way to surprise the fisherperson in your life than to put a few wooden lures made by Kermett Adams under your Christmas Tree! 
Kermett uses top of the line Eastern Red Cedar to create his lures.  Each lure is hand painted and touched off with a tough clear coat.  Kermett is suddenly becoming very popular with his top of the line chopper series.  These choppers have recently fooled many peaock bass over 20 lbs.  He also makes great lures for golden dorado and largemouth bass. Kermett uses some of the finest hooks and split rings on all his lures.   Give Kermett at shout at

Monday, December 11, 2017


Owner has recently introduced it's STX-68 treble hook into the USA.  It has been available in Japan for a few years.  Owner claims it is as tough as the ST-76, but made out of lighter Zo-Wire.  These hooks are thinner but have similar strength.  An advantage of this hook is the reduced weight which is perfect for large surface poppers.  The STX-68 comes in sizes range from 2/0 to 7/0.  I have not seen these hooks yet, but am in the process of ordering a few.  I have however used the ST-66 and ST-76 for years on my golden dorado lures and have found them to be top of the line!  Probably the best on the market.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Spinnerbaits for huge La Zona golden dorado

After spending the past few months gathering tackle for an upcoming trip to Misima Island for GTs, I finally am now concentrating on my rapidly coming trip to La Zona for golden dorado.  I have fished at La Zona since the opening of the area with my largest golden dorado weighing in at 53 lbs.  This year, with the aid of Sparky dorado spinnerbaits and the doradokiller spinnerbaits, I hope to put the magical 60 lbs in the boat!  These are not your normal store bought spinnerbaits as they would bend like a pretzel to the golden dorado arm wrenching strikes.  These heavy duty spinnerbaits are constructed of the heaviest wire possible and extra strong hooks, rings, and swivels.
The Sparky spinnerbaits come in sizes to 2 oz which is my favorite.  They are constructed of  a fixed head with a hook ring on the rear to attach a swing hook.  This is a huge bonus when the dorado leap out of the water to toss the lure.  Various blades are used and my favorite is 2 huge willowblades in either orange or red.  Attached to the ring head is a powerful split ring such as the Wolverine Tackle triple coiled ring or a Owner Hyper Wire ring in size #7.  Then a super strong swivel such as the SPRO heavy swivel or a Shout Powerful BB swivel is attached to the ring.  Then a super strong single hook such as the Gamakatsu Siwash (open eye) size 8/0 is attached.  This year I am going to try out some giant skirts made my Gibbs Delta.   The doradokiller spinnerbaits come with a fixed strong hook and also come in various sizes with different spinner blades and skirts available.  At La Zona we had great success dragging the spinnerbaits while drifting through the numerous rocks and boulders which are away from the Salto Grande dam.  We had success on both the Argentina and Uruguay sides.  I feel the the spinnerbaits will produces in both low and high water conditions.  So, hopefully I am posting a huge 60 lbs golden dorado in a few weeks on these 5 star spinnerbaits!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Opening two week report for Jurassic Lake Lodge

It is estimated that over 6,000 trophy rainbow trout where landed in the first two weeks of Jurassic Lake Lodge's 2017 season.  The Barrancosco River is in excellent shape  with good water levels and an abundance of snow on the mountains ready to melt. 
Numerous chromers have been landed up to 20 lbs and many of the fly guys have been catching them on dry flies in mouse patterns.
All three beats, the river mouth, Bay of Pigs, and first pool in the River have been productive.
The new client lodge is just about ready and should be ready to go in a couple of weeks.
For more information contact