Saturday, October 12, 2019

Jurassic Lake Lodge; Argentina Patagonia Sept 30-Oct 5

Recently had the opportunity to fish Jurassic Lake Lodge for the 5th consecutive year.  Jurassic Lake (aka Lago Strobel) is perhaps the best rainbow trout fishery in the world.  In 1996, the original stocking of wild McLeod strain rainbows from California were introduced into the Barrancoso River and thus made way into Lago Strobel.  With a hearty strain of rainbows combined with the abundant food source of scuds and an environment of crystal clear highly oxygenated water with minimal fishing pressure and no predators has allowed these rainbows to grow to sizes unheard of.  I along with 6 friends verified that the giants do exist.  We arrived in a blizzard on Sept 30 which is a tad earlier than the normal opening season.  Taking a 5 minute walk to the river mouth found thousands of giants
entering the river to begin their spawning cycle.  I walked about 10 minutes up the river and found more rainbows than water in the river.  Later in the afternoon the group split into 3 groups and fished 3 beats.  Normally the 1st pool in the Barrancoso was the best the past few years, but this time the rainbows were not too active here most likely due to the extremely cold water.  However, the fishing was redhot at the Bay of Pigs and especially the river mouth which are again a 5 minute walk from the lodge.  This year, after a summer of practice, I switched to a fly rod and was rewarded with
hundreds of rainbows topping 15 lbs with 2 giants pushing the boga down to 21 lbs and 20.5 lbs.
  Others in the group did much better than I did slowly jigging white tube jigs.  When the wind made fly fishing impossible I switched to a 5/8 oz Moonshine bloody  glow nose and had strike after strike outside the river mouth.  For the 4.5 days of fishing I estimated the group landed over 2500 rainbows of which at least 7 topped 20 lbs with the largest reported at 22 lbs with the average rainbow topping 11 lbs.
The fishery gets better each year and the rainbows are getting larger due to an extreme growth rate.  I am heading back in April to battle even larger chrome rainbows as told by the great guides at Jurassic. Jurassic Lake Lodge sits on the Barrancoso River which is the only river on Jurassic.  The lodge consists of 10 rooms for clients consisting of private bath and walk in shower.  There is a main lodge building where meals are served and clients gather after a great day of fishing and discuss the day over drinks and are then served fantastic meals which will add to your waistline!  We drove into the lodge from Calafate in a lodge van and meet up with the lodge guides at the end of the highway for a ride in 4 x 4 trucks to the lodge and back.
The ride offers great sites. The only signs of life are ample heards of guanacos..cousin of llamas and a few rheas..cousin of an ostrich. For the remainder of the season which extends to the end of April, clients take a charter flight from Comodoro Rivadavia to the lodge runway. 
   This is a dream trip where the fishing is unbelievable.  Get in while you can!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Alaska Peninsula- Pumice Creek Lodge September 7 to 14

For the 30th straight year, I was fortunate to fish the Alaska Peninsula for silver (coho) salmon.  Years ago, I went to Pumice Creek Lodge and fished the Cinder River for silvers and Lava Creek for arctic char.  This year I was joined by friends Cole Lundquist, Vince Ippolito, and Ross Brewer.  The Cinder River in my opinion is the best silver fishing in the world with days of over 100 cohos landed per person.  On Day 1 the Cinder again lived up to expectations as I landed 102 silvers using 7/8 oz metallic flo. red pixee spoons.  The silvers were just starting to pour into the river and have not yet stack up, but the fishing was excellent throughout the week
Pumice Creek Lodge owner, Gary LaRose and head guide Rudy McPherran always put us on the fish.  They have become great friends over the years.  This is the last season the lodge will be open for sportfishing as after 50 yrs in the guiding business, Gary has decided to take life easy.
The Cinder has totally changed it's flow since last season.  Many of the hotspots are now sandbars.  The water this season was extremely low and the weather in Alaska has been above average.  Twice during the week we fished Lava Creek for arctic char.  The first trip was average with about 65 char landed and the 2nd trip was downright poor as it seemed as the char disappeared.
We wade Lava Creek tossing small spinners on light rods which makes for a good battle.  All of the guys in the group really enjoyed themselves.  I want to reach out to Lava Creek Lodge.  The lodge is in their first season and is built on a small lagoon on the banks of the Cinder River.  It has 4 guest cabins and 1 main dining room.  One evening after fishing on the Cinder, the winds start to guest to over 60mph so we were stranded on the river.  With the windchill below freezing and the ever threat of brown bears we were fortunate that Lava Creek Lodge took us in and gave us housing and a great meal!  Thanks as it could have been a nightmare sleeping in the bushes!
Over the years I have been great friends with Gary and Rudy.  I cannot thank them enough for all the great memories I have been so blessed to receive.  Pumice Creek Lodge has set the bar too high so this will be my last trip to this Great Land.  Alaska will be sorely missed!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Fishing Alaska

As with any fishing trip, the anticipation of the adventure hits in about a month beforehand.  Reels are inspect, greased, and spooled with new line.  New lures are bought because one cannot find the hot lures from last year. Waders are checked for leaks.   The weather is constantly checked to make sure the correct clothes are brought.  Bags are packed and unpacked numerous times, then weighed to make sure they comply with airline regulations.  Soon, my 30th year to the Alaska Peninsula will come about.  The silver salmon fishing is simply amazing,  After landing over 10,000 silvers this will probably be my last trip to this great land.  Long time friend and owner of Pumice Creek Lodge, Gary LaRose, is shutting the doors to fishing.
  After being in the business for 50 years, Gary is going to start to enjoy his summers.  He will, however, remain open for spring or fall brown bear hunts.  Pumice Creek Lodge has set the bar too high as another Alaska adventure would definitely be a disappointment.
A BIG thanks to Gary and head guide Rudy for the fantastic adventures up north!  Am sure the upcoming trip will be the best ever!  See you guys soon!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Redhot Venice, LA bull redfish action August 12 to 14

Once again, I had the opportunity to fish for monster bull redfish out of Venice, LA with Capt. Keith Kennedy of Born To Fish Charters.  Capt Keith specializes in putting clients on big bulls and provides everything from housing, meals, and all tackle.  This August 12 to 14, I was joined by my brother Billy and friend Etan Zimmett who had never battled the big bulls before.  Action on day 1 was non stop with the largest redfish pushing the boga to 29 lbs.  The top lures were blabber mouth popping corks followed by plastics in black/char and white/char colorations. The weather during the stay was perfect with lots of clouds and some rain to keep us cool.  The water temps were a hot 90F degrees. The action slowed a tad on Day 2 but a few big bulls were landed by all.  During the afternoon on our last day, Capt Keith ran a long way to the Gulf of Mexico and the fishing was something I have never experienced out of Venice.  For practically 3 hrs we constantly had tripleheader after tripleheader.  I had a tremendous drag burning battle from a giant     30 lbs Jack Crevelle.  As mentioned in previous posts, Born to Fish Charters offers world class fishing for a fraction of top International destinations.  So, I highly recommend you contact Capt. Kennedy at  504-908-3108 to get in while the bull action is redhot! 

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Klures Monster Poppers

Nothing in the world of fishing can top the excitement of having a monster fish come shooting up to the surface and smashing your lure.  Poppers are a great lure while topwater fishing.  Monster species such as Giant Trevally and Golden Dorado are often landed with topwater lures.  For Giant Trevally, a "popping" technique is the way to go while speed reeling is the most common technique to land giant Golden Dorado.
Kermett Adams, of has been experimenting with variations of monster poppers which can stand up to the lure busting strikes exhibited by these brutes.  He has varied the mouth cup design to give the "pop" fisherman want.  Kermett has built a few skipjack poppers with and without cup weights on the rear of the lure.  Without the cup weight the popper tends to zig zag a few inches below the surface on rapid retrieves.  This is perfect for fooling golden dorado. 
When the cup weight is added the lure will now stay on the surface during rapid retrieves which again will fool golden dorado.  So in a sense he has designed 2 different lures both of which are a must for the giant golden dorado of La Zona.  For Giant Trevally one likes a huge splashing type popper so either model would work fine.  Kermett can be contacted here on facebook. He can paint the lure and construct it to your design.  So before you head out for monster species such as GTs and Golden Dorado make sure you consider topwater poppers and contact Kermett Adams.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Shimano Ocea Head Dip 200F Flash Boost

Recently, Shimano has introduced its latest technology in the Ocea Head Flash Boost.  The heavy plastic stickbait is 8 inches long while weighing 135 grams without hooks which allows extra long casts..  It is available in numerous coloration while costing about $45 USD.   Yesterday, I was able to make a few practice casts with the 200F model.  It works great with a zig zag turnaround motion on slight pulls.  Once, stopped, the weight balance allows the lure to stand straight into the air thus allowing the flash panels to oscillate which hopefully will attract some top catches.  The Head Dip should be a winner for species such as Giant Trevally and will give it a try on my next adventure for these brutes!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Redhot Bull Redfish Action

Captain Keith Kennedy of Born To Fish Charters, reports redhot action for bull redfish out in the Gulf Area out of Venice, LA.  Capt. Keith said it was practically a strike per cast.  As I have written on this blog numerous times, this is perhaps the best trip for the cost worldwide!  Capt Keith takes care of everything.  The 4 night, 3 days of fishing is the most popular package among repeat clients.  Keith books fast so get in to some of the great dates he has open.  Fishing is good year round.  Keith provides all tackle, housing, and meals.  He can be reached at (504) 908-3108 or you can find him on Facebook.  Or give me a shout and I will put you in contact with Capt. Keith