Thursday, January 9, 2020

Daiwa Saltiga 2020

Daiwa has announced a new an improved model of their popular Saltiga line of saltwater reels.  The original Saltigas were produced in 2002 and have become the go to reel for battling big fish such as Giant Trevally. 
The 2020 line of Saltigas feature a re-designed Monocoque body which is capable of holding much larger internal gearing components and provides increased strength and improved sealing.  The new body has a new rear cover design, eliminating screws from the underside of the reel to improve the sealing.  Improvements have also been made to the drag assembly where the drag pressure has been increased to an amazing 30kg!  The new 2020 models come in size 8000 to 14000 with high and power gear options.  So before heading out to battle some monster saltwater brutes take a look at the new line of Daiwa Saltigas! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Last Minute Christmas Gifts--Sparky's doradokiller spinnerbaits

In the past few years, spinnerbaits have accounted for more giant golden dorado at La Zona than any other lure.  The best of the best spinnerbaits are those constructed by Joe "Sparky" Bullock.  Joe uses extremely strong wire which is bent at a machine shop.  The spinnerbait has a rotating since hook compared to others which have a fixed hook.  This gives one a good advantage when the dorado jumps and often bends fixed hooks.  We pump the rod rod causing the blades to rotate around the giant boulders in La Zona where the true giants lay.  We have found double bladed spinnerbaits to work the best with a large willowleaf and a medium size colorado blade.  Joe provides skirts and hooks.  So if you after 50lbs+ golden dorado look up Joe here on Facebook or get in touch with me.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Last Minute Christmas Gifts/ KLures

Looking for that last minute Christmas gift for the fisherperson in your life?  Well, Kermett Adams of makes without a doubt the best wooden lures on the market.  Kermett has become extremely popular with the peacock bass fisherman with his choppers which have been responsible for catching countless numerous of trophy peacocks exceeding 20 lbs.  Kermett also has a selection of wooden lures which I helped design for the golden dorado of La Zona.  Currently, Kermett and I have worked on giant poppers and stickbaits for the ferocious Giant Trevally.  Soon, we will be working of lures for the lure destroying Papua New Guinea Bass!  Kermett can paint any lure to your specificiations.  He takes enormous pride in each lure and guarantees they run true out of the package.  So if you looking to land some monster fish, get some of the lures constructed by Kermett.  Look him up here on facebook or you can contact me for more information.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Trophy Bass/ Lake Toho/ Guide Durwood Day

Forget Texas' trophy bass lakes, forget the trophy lakes in California, as they attempt to steal Florida's trophy bass reputation where Lake Toho is number 1!  Friend and avid angler, Dr. Gary Clark, recently fished on Toho with guide Durwood Day.  Gary says the fishing was exceptional with numerous bass weighing up to 7 lbs being landed throughout the day.  Dr. Clark says the upcoming big bass season should be fantastic as water levels in Tomo are ideal.  Guide Durwood Day has been guiding Dr. Clark for numerous years with high praise.  If your on a family vacation this winter in the Orlando area and want to catch a monster bass, give Durwood a call at 407-719-0215

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Fall Venice Bull Redfish action

Captain Keith Kennedy, of Born To Fish Charters, reports the action is on fire for bull redfish out of Venice, LA.  Friend, Billy Taylor, and a few of his friends fished with Keith for 2.5 days earlier in November.  The guys landed 92 bull reds!  Keith says the fishing has been on fire as the reds are on a feeding frenzy anticipating an upcoming cold front.  Yesterday, Keith says the fishing was simply amazing as one drift produced non-stop action.  According to Keith, November is one of the top months for constant action. 
Redfish are a great battling species and are simply delicious when cooked up by Captain Keith.  As mentioned in numerous posts, THIS trip rates right up there with the best International trips for a fraction of the cost.  Keith provides all meals, housing, and even tackle.  So, get out of the cold weather and give Capt. Keith a call at 504-908-3108

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Misima Expeditions/ Giant Trevally/ Rock Expeditions

Luke Wyrsta of Rock Expeditions is perhaps the most knowledgeable Giant Trevally Angler on earth!  Luke offers expeditions in the remote Milne Bay Province with base camp on Misima Island.  His expeditions provide the opportunity for a limited number of adventurous anglers to experience this incredible location.  Exploration is made possible by establishing reef camps on some of the last remaining wild islands in the South Pacific. Anglers need to be highly independent when it comes to managing their own tackle, rigging, comfort and safety in this wild environment.  Expeditions are conducted as a wild reef camp format which is one of the reason I really like this trip.  I like the remoteness of camping under the stars, the opportunity to fish new waters each day, and eating the local menu.  This also helps defray the cost of the trip.  If I wanted luxury, I would be staying a few weeks at the Chicago Hilton!!
  Here, the fishing opportunities are countless.  Monster Giant Trevally, Coral Trout, Dogtooth Tuna, and others await to smash your popper, stickbait, or jig.  In all my fishing experiences, nothing gets my blood boiling as to see a monster GT exploding on my popper. 
In these waters swim my dream fish, the Napoleon Wrasse.  Huge doggies are present and later in the season even Yellowfin Tuna.  Spanish Mackerel literally knock your topwater lure into the sky. Huge Coral Trout and monster barracuda are always waiting to devour your tackle.
Papua New Guinea is a long flight for most, but the experience and memories last a lifetime.  I have fished with Luke the past 2 seasons and give the organization and overall experience 5 stars.  I will be heading back to the land of monster fish on Expedition #4 in late January 2020.  I believe a few openings remain if your arms and shoulders can handle these brutes. 
The people in Papua New Guinea are extremely friendly.  I have never had an issue in 3 trips to one of the last remaining countries where the majority of waters have never seen a lure or matter of fact a human!  Contact Luke here on Facebook or give me a shout for more information on this outstanding opportunity.  Also last season Luke started an operation to chase the Papua New Guinea Bass which is the toughest freshwater fish on earth!!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Goliath Tigers--The Congo!!!

Deep in the heart of Africa, swims one tantalizing beast!  This brute has roughly 32 razor sharp teeth with 18 of them always showing even when its mouth is shut. I am sure that Jack The Ripper would be very proud of these giants!   These monsters can grow to sizes exceeding 70 kg according to locals and have even been known to battle a crocodile.  These tigers are not cats, but the Goliaths. 
The Congo River occupies practically the entire territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The Congo River ranks second in rate of flow next to the Amazon River.
David Watmouth of Reel Monsters, Ltd recently gave me a shout telling me about a great opportunity to fish for the "Holy Grail" of freshwater species.  David assures the trip is completely safe.  A good friend of mine recently talked to a fellow angler who has wetted a line numerous times in the Congo and says nothing but good things even so to take his wife and children with him on vacation to this Dark Land.
Davids trips run 14 days and start in the town of Brazzaville where a rep of his company will take you to a local hotel to overnight.  The following morning you are driven 7 hrs by a company 4 x 4 to the village of Ngabe where you set up camp for the night.
The following day you motor to base camp, Mia Pili.  The next 8 days gives you ample time to catch the fish or your dreams.  Later in the trip you head back to Ngabe then Brazzaville for your flight home.  The trips are available June, July, August, and September  which are the best months to land a trophy tiger.
So if you ready for the adventure of a lifetime give David a call at +44 7973 367289 or look him up on Facebook.