Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Looking for another last minute Christmas gift?  Having had the opportunity to fish for some of the toughest freshwater fish on earth, I highly recommend replacing all split rings on your lures with the triple coiled rings made by Wolverine Tackle www.wolverinetackleinc.com.  These are without question the strongest rings on earth.  Why lose the fish of your dreams on broken split rings?  The rings come in various sizes including a new size 4 designed for bass fishermen.  For more information email Wolverine Tackle at sales@wolverinetackleinc.com or call 630-289-4728

Monday, December 21, 2015


Looking for that last minute Christmas gift to give to the fisherperson in your life?  Well, Kermett Adams of www.klures.com makes the best hand made wooden fishing lures on the market bar none.  Kermett makes a variety of peacock bass choppers and poppers.  He also makes some lures such as the daly diver which will tempt the golden dorado into striking.  He makes sturdy buzz baits which can stand up to the vicious wolf fish.  He also makes wooden lures for largemouth bass.  Check out his site and you can inquire by writing him at kkadams@aol.com

Friday, December 18, 2015

Fishing Christmas Gift

Imagine the look on your loved one when you give them a fishing trip of a lifetime for Christmas.  There are numerous destinations to go.  One of the hottest right now is Jurassic Lake Lodge in Argentina,  www.jurassiclakelodge.com.  Here, numerous monster rainbow trout can be landed until your arms give out.  Better yet,if you have lots of funds you can send them on a double trip to La Zona Lodge in Argentina for monster golden dorado then on to Jurassic Lake Lodge.
 If Alaska is on your list, you cannot do wrong then go head down the Alaska Peninsula to Pumice Creek Lodge, www.garylarose.com for monster silver salmon and arctic char.   Want to go where nobody else has?  Well Jason Yip of www.sportfishingpng.net offers trips to catch monster PNG bass and barramundi in the wilds of Papua New Guinea. Friends Matias Pavoni and Fany Salas have opened a new lodge in Argentina so look them up on Facebook. Here in the states a fantastic deal is to fish for monster redfish in Louisianna with Capt. Keith Kennedy of Born to Fish Charters.  Friend Steve Yatomi of www.adventuretravelalliance offers worldwide fishing destination trip so contact him if you need guidance on booking your trip..  For stocking stuffers look no farther than to get some of Kermett Admas hand made wooden lures, www.klures.com.

Friday, December 4, 2015


According to the IGFA, in November while fishing off the coast of Tanzania, British angler, Jon Patten landed a dogtooth tuna weighing 236lbs 15oz.  The tuna fought for over an hour and was landed on a Yellowfin tuna.  If accepted, the doggie will top the current all tackle record which stands at 230lbs 6oz

Thursday, December 3, 2015


According to the IGFA, Australian angler, Bluey Hellmuth landed a monster Papua New Guinea Black Bass weighing 47lbs,  The trophy was landed on the Aramia River in October.  If accepted by the IGFA, this will top the current all tackle record of 46lbs.  As I have mentioned many times, the PNG black bass is  the strongest fighting freshwater fish on earth, bar none!  I am confident that someone fishing with outfitter Jason Yip of www.sportfishingpng.net will break the 50lbs barrier soon!