Thursday, March 31, 2011


FluoroBraid sinks like a fluorocarbon line. It combines the sinking properties of a fluorocarbon with the strength and catability of SpiderWire braided fishing lines.

The braid provides a more direct line from rod tip to lure resulting in less slack and ultimate sensitivy for ultimate hook sets. It is great for casting crankbaits, trolling for extra lure depth, pitching softbaits in heavy cover, and on windy conditions to get your line down fast.

I recently bought some braid in 50lbs and plan on testing it on the La Zona dorado in a few weeks.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


When battling the toughest freshwater fish on this planet, most store bought lures have split rings too weak to put up with the battle. Wolverine Tackle has designed a triple coiled super strong split ring ranging from sizes 4 to 7. The rings come in zinc/nickel with trivalent chromate or stainless steel. The size 7 has a pulling power of over 300lbs.

I highly recommend replacing all your split rings with this brand on your next trophy trip for species such as tigerfish and golden dorado.

In all, it can prevent you from losing that once in a lifetime trophy fish!

Contact for information on distributors in your area.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


The prime months of January to May for 2012 in La Zona for monster dorado are filling fast. La Zona holds the largest dorado on this planet! It is known as the home of the monster dorado.

With the Amazon fishery being unpredictable the past few years, many of the dedicated peacock bass fishermen are switching over to a chance to battle with one of the biggest battlers on earth, the La Zona dorado. Book now while there are still openings.

Steve Yatomi of still has a few openings for these prime dates which will fill fast. Get your deposits in while the spots remain available.

You can e-mail Steve at

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


With the current low water levels on the Uruguay River in the section known as La Zona, popping plugs have been a good lure for catching monster dorado.

When using popping plugs, use the wrists to impart an erratic pop with the lure spitting and darting.

Noise is a key along with a fleeing action to trigger a strike. When a fish misses the popper, do not stop the retrieve. Instead keep the plug popping across the surface.

A few of the excellent poppers on the market include the Daiwa Saltiga Popper, Klures September Pop, River2Sea Shinn Pop110, and Sebile Splasher.

Test these lures in your local fishery before trying them in places such as La Zona.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


The Abu Garcia 7000iHSN is the perfect reel for battling the giant golden dorado of La Zona. The reel boosts a powerful Carbon matrix drag system which can hold up to one of the toughest fighting fish on this planet!

The reel has a fast gear ratio of 5:3:1 and offers a large spool capacity of 420 yards of 30lbs braid.

I have used this reel landing dorado up to 46lbs and give it a 5 star recommendation.

Currently, Abu Garcia is giving a free embroidered sweathshirt for reels costing $79.95 and up. The give away lasts until Dec 31, 2011.

Thus on your next trip for monster fish such as golden dorado don't get caught losing the fish of your dreams due to low quality equipment. Get a Abu Garica 7000iHSN ASAP!


Bungsamran is quite possibly the most unique fishery on earth. This body of water holds the giant Mekong Catfish, Siamese Giant Carp, monsterous Arapaima, and many other exotic species.

Bungsamran is located in the Bangkok, Thailand district Suichapibahn 1. It was originally a quarry then built into an approx 20 acre fishery with depths ranging from 2 to 12 meters.

Fishermen can fish out of comfortable bunglows on Bungsamran. The bunglows range from basic to extravagant with many including beds, refrigerators and even television.

There is a 7 Seas Proshop located on Bungsamran which has all the current rods, reels, and lures.

The majority of fishing is using large ground lamb/rice balls rigged on a small hook.

There is restaurant service on Bungsamran.

The fishing is fantastic with many broken rods and sore arms experienced each day.

The best way to fish here is to hire a local guide who has all the tackle and experience needed to put you on to the "Fish of a Lifetime"

For more information contact Francois Helias at and check out his website at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


As reported by head guide, Enzo, a 46lbs, 52lbs, and monster 58lbs golden dorado was landed yesterday in the Uruguay River in the section known as La Zona. The water levels are low with the best lures being medium sized poppers. The 58lbs is the largest dorado put in the boat by top dorado guide, Enzo. Enzo is employed by Untamed Angling who controls the 2 fishing permits (2 boats, 4 fishermen) from the ARgentina government.

Fishing has been tremendous since the year began with many dorado over 40lbs being caught weekly.

I have fished these waters 4 times and am heading back in April. Hopefully the magical 60lbs comes on my line.

For more info on this trip contact Steve Yatomi

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Having spent the past week fishing multiple species in the ponds around Bangkok, Thailand, I catch in my opinion the strongest freshwater fish in the world! A highlight of the trip was the opportunity to catch the rare and elusive Jullien's Golden Prized Carp (Probarbus jullieni). Catching this particular species is a dream for most carp anglers. The Jullien's Golden Prized Carp is currently on the endangered species list and very few anglers can lay claim that they have landed one. On the particular lake I was fishing I landed 2 in 2 days of fishing with the largest running about 7 kilos. This particular fish hit so hard that the rod was practically ripped out of my arms. I had to case the Carp down the bank hoping not to lose it. It reminds me of a Tanzania Tigerfish with striped coloration on its body and a hugh, wide forked tail which gives it a tremendous fighting ability.
On your next trip to Thailand, get in touch with Jean-Francois Helias at and check out his website at Francois knows where these elusive carp are located and maybe you too will experience the
"World's Strongest Freshwater Fish"!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Last week I had the opportunity to fish in Thailand under the guidance of Capt. Francois Helias We fished for a variety of species which were new to me including giant Mekong catfish, snakeheads, alligator gar, chinese common carp, siamese giant carp, barramundi, black sharkminnow, the rare julien golden carp and numerous others. I had caught a few redtail catfish in the Amazon while fishing for peacock bass.
Most of the fishing in Thailand is on private lakes which are stocked. Francois knows the best times and places to put you onto monster fish.
Thailand is a very friendly country. The people are very nice. This is definately a trip I will attempt to duplicate in the near future.