Wednesday, December 28, 2011

La Zona Golden Dorado Report

Friend Judy Heidt along with her husband, Christian, recently had the opportunity to fish at La Zona on the Uruguay River which borders Argentina and Uruguay. As you might know, Judy owns Rio Parasmina Lodge in Costa Rica which is one of the best tarpon fisheries on earth. During Judy's stay at La Zona Lodge, the water levels were very very low. For guys who are familiar with La Zona Lodge, the channel where the boats are stored was too shallow to enter so docking was done from the beach. Fishing was really good for monster dorado with Judy landing a 47lbs, 2 at 46lbs, and 1 at 42lbs. Christian landed a monster 44 and 39lbs golden dorado. Fishing was excellent using topwater lures especially the poppers made by the Zagaia lure company in Brazil. This poppers are very similar to the Daiwa Saltiga and newly developed poppers by Kermett Adams at
La Zona is the top spot in the world to have great odds of landing a monster dorado over 40lbs. Book now as this is a difficult location to get a booking due to the increased publicity the golden dorado has received the past few years. This, plus the fact that only 4 boats are allowed in the zone and only during Friday to Monday make it one of the fastest lodges to fill up! Book now while the fishing is redhot. Give Steve Yatomi of a note at his email

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