Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Friends, Steve Ryan and his wife, had a wonderful fishing day on Lake Michigan out of Hammond, Indiana last weekend for jumbo perch. Steve said the action was non stop as over 100 perch were landed with 50 being jumbos between 11 to 15.5 inches.
The perch were caught using soft shelled crabs on a spinner rig in 9 to 14 foot of water.
As you might know, perch are fantastic to dine on! Perch, bluegill, and walleye are perhaps the best eating fish in the Midwest with halibut from Alaska being on the top of my list.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Friend, Tom Ashby, of www.gloomis.us phone 1-877-402-6350 has a fantastic sale on the Abu Garcia Revo-SXHS baitcasting reel. This reel has gear ratio of 7:1:1 which makes it extremely fast. It has 10 stainless steel ball bearings plus 1 roller bearing, a 1 piece aluminum frand and crank side cover. The reels line capacity is 12/140 and the model comes in either right or left-hand models. Give Tom a call for this fantastic deal before they are gone! The sale price is $119.95 and normally it sells for $169.99. This is a perfect reel for peacock bass and tigerfish!

Friday, June 18, 2010


As previously mentioned, I will be in the WJOB AM 1230 studio on Saturday, June 19th from 6am to 7am Central time talking dorado, tigerfish, peacock bass, and other exotic freshwater fishing. You can call the show with questions at (219) 845-1100 or you can listen if out of the region at http://radiotime.com/station/s_29941/WJOB_1230.aspx

The weekly show is hosted by Mr. Pat Renwick who was very nice to give me the opportunity to discuss fishing on his show.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Kermett Adams of www.klures.com has designed some fabulous buzz baits for dorado. These lures are 4 inches long with large buzz blades to make lots of topwater commotion. When the waters are low the dorado are known to hide behind the numerous rocks in places like La Zona ready to ambush their prey, bogas!. Cast a buzz bait near the rocks to entice the dorado to strike. The topwater action for golden dorado is a slight to behold when a monster jumps out of the water a few feet with your lure in it's mouth. Let the battle begin!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Had the opportunity to have lunch today and pick the brain of fishing pro Steve Ryan. Last year, STeve had the opportunity to fish the Mnyera River and Rhudji River in Tanzania for tigerfish. I am going to have the opportunity this coming October and received much advice from Steve regarding tackle and other fishing equipment.
Steve says we will observe much wildlife such as numerous elephants, hippos, monkeys, baboons, possible lions, plus a variety of many more.
We will be fishing for the elusive tigerfish which is very high on one's trophy list.
For more information on this dream trip, contact Steve Yatomi at www.adventuretravelalliance.com

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Klures now in woodpecker coloration

Kermett Adams of www.klures.com has come up with a woodpecker coloration on some of his lures. The dalydiver which is a fantastic golden dorado lure is now available in this color. The head of the lure is red while the body is black. This should be a real winner for the monster dorado of La Zona! Contact Kermett ASAP to get a few of these great lures!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Crappie action in Nebraska

Friend Steve Ryan had some fantastic crappie action this past weekend in Nebraska. Steve said it was one after another for at least an hour and all the crappies were monsters between 13 and 16 inches. Steve lives in Chicago and put on over 1250 miles this weekend in search of giant crappies and bluegills!
As most of you know, bluegills, crappies, and other panfish are great ways to teach kids to fish, and you can have a great fishing experience with them!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

33 % off Yo-Zuri lures

Cabelas currently is having a 33% off sale on all Yo-Zuri lures such as the crystal minnow. Yo-Zuri makes top of the line minnow type lures which are fantastic on species such as peacock bass and tigerfish. Check out http://www.cabelas.com/ for more information on this fantastic offer!

Capt. Keith Kennedy of Venice, LA radio interview

Capt. Keith Kennedy of Born to Fish Charters out of Venice, LA was recently interviewed on WCCO radio out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Keith is a great friend and one of the best charter boat Captains out of Venice for big bull redfish. He and others are greatly affected by the oil spill. To listen to Keith's interview, click on the link below.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


For those of you who follow my blog, you can tell my favorite freshwater fish is the monster golden dorado of La Zona, Argentina which swim in the Uruguay River. However, many of us are not so fortunate to have the time or money to travel to exotic places such as La Zona. My home area also has a golden fish, the golden carp!

These tremendous fighting fish, the carp, can be caught in local ponds, rivers, and lakes. In my opinion pound for pound carp are one of the strongest fish around.

So, you don't have to travel to all faces of the world to have a great time fishing. Try for carp when you have the time and you will have the "fishing trip of your lifetime"