Friday, December 31, 2010


Would like to Wish all readers of The Fishing News a productive and healthy 2011. Hope you catch the fish of your dreams whether it be tigerfish from Tanzania, golden dorado at La Zona, redfish in Louisianna, Peacock Bass in the Brazil jungle, largemouth bass from Florida, bluegills out of the ice or where ever you fishing destinations lead to.
Take time to get out fishing in 2011, relax and have fun! We are so blessed with everything we have so take advantage of everything given to you!

Have a Safe 2011!

Good fishing, Bob Daly

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Just because the weather in the Midwest has turned cold is no excuse to put away your fishing gear. Lots of big trophy fish can be had fishing through the ice!

Friend and International Fishermen, Steve Ryan, sure knows how as evidenced by these monster bluegills he recently caught.
For my International friends, yes we do fish through the ice here in the United States. This is accomplishd by drilling a hole through the ice and often sitting on a bucket jigging for panfish such as bluegills, perch, and crappie. Bluegills are a delicious table treat!
Often fishermen might use and ice shack to keep them out of the adverse weather environment.
Have fun while ice fishing, but make sure you are extremely safe!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Tyger Leaders are the first stainless steel leaders which can be tied directly to braided lines. This eliminates the use of crimps, snaps, and swivels which possibly can get pulled away when a monster fish of your dreams in on your lure. The leader material comes in various sizes and colors. It is specifically designed for toothy fish such as tigerfish and dorado. It is nylon coated to resist getting cut around sharp rocks plus the coating prevents knots from slipping. The material is flexible to tie dirctly to your braided line using your favorite fishing knot.

Give it a try on your next trip to La Zona for monster dorado!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Looking to get out of the cold winter in the Midwest and catch some truely monster largemouth bass? Captain Eddie Bussard is the man to see. Capt Eddie has over 30 yrs guiding experience in Central Florida including the famous St. John's River for monster largemouths.

There are great bass lakes near Walt Disney so take the family along and get some fantastic fishing in at the same time. Now is the time of the year to catch the monsters!

Check out Captain Eddie's site at or contact him at

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

La Zona Golden Dorado

Steve Yatomi of has informed me that he has a few openings to fish for the biggest dorado in the world in La Zona during 2011. La Zona is a section of the Uruguay river near the Salto Grande Dam which borders Uruguay and Argentina.
You will stay in La Zona Lodge which is ran by Untamed Angling, La Zona boasts all of the IGFA records for golden dorado with a possiblity of hooking into a 40lbs or even bigger dorado during your 4 days of fishing. I have fished here numerous times and it is my favorite destination in the world. Contact Steve at to check on his openings.
Also if you planning on fishing La Zona make sure you check our the great dorado lures made by Kermett ADams of I have helped in the design of these lures and can guarantee these lures will stand up to the powerful dorado whereas most store bought lures fail.

Friday, December 17, 2010

2010--What a Great Fishing Year!

During 2010, I most likely had the best fishing opportunities of my life to fantastic destinations most dream of. I had the opportunity to appear on local radio and discuss my favorite trips--thanks to Pat Renwick of the Region Bass Buzz on WJOB 1230 Hammond, IN. I started my own fishing blog at I hope you all visit it occasionally and offer suggestions or trip updates. Also was able to meet new fishing friends on the various fishing forums I visit daily.
My season started in February when I ventured back to Brazil into the Amazon Rainforest in search of monster peacock bass. We were greeted with very low water levels which made getting around the rivers tough. However, I was able to catch monster peacocks which weighed in at 21.5lbs and 20lbs. The rain in the Amazon is getting too unpredictable so I am putting this trip on hold for a few years.
In April, I went back to my favorite fishing spot, La Zona, which is located on the Uruguay River on the border of Argentina/Uruguay. This is a special place and the best place in the world to catch monster dorado. I lucked out and caught my largest to date a monster 46lbs.
In May, my Dad and I visited old friend, Bernie Meyer, at Yellow Lake in Webster, Wisconsin. We visited many old friends. My parents lived on the lake for many years.
In September, I fished out of Gary LaRose's Pumice Creek Lodge which is located on the Alaska Peninsula. The water levels on the river were extremely high, but guides Rudy and Todd were still able to put us onto the silver salmon. This is without question the best lodge in Alaska for big numerous silvers.
Late in September, Dad and I again went back to Yellow Lake. This time we concentrated on catching some walleyes rather than just visiting. Fishing was fair with a few big walleyes caught. The lake was also high.
In October, I was able to take the best all round fishing trip of my life to the wilds of Tanzania in search of monster tigerfish. Was able to see numerous amounts of wildlife including hippo, elephant, crocs, cape buffalo, plus numerous others. We had a great time catching tigerfish of our dreams.
Had the opportunity in 2010 to do some lure testing for Kermett Adams of These lures worked great on the peacock bass and dorado. Make sure you check out Kermett's site. Also I booked all trips with the help of Steve Yatomi of Check out his site also.
Hopefully 2011 is anothe winner. Have trips to Alaska, Wisconsin, La Zona, and Thailand planned and hopefully a trip for big bull redfish in Venice, LA.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fishing in Thailand

Looking to catch some monster fish which are practically unknown to anglers of the United States? Look no further than Thailand where monster Mekong catfish swim. Also you have the opportunity to catch gigantic siamese carp, big alligator gar, huge snakefish, big barramundi, prehistoric arapaima, and many other exotic species.

Most trips start out of Bangkok with the fishing done in private lakes and river systems.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Venice, LA redfish report for December 8-10

Gary Clark and friends have reported good fishing for trophy bull redfish out of Venice, LA fishing with Capt. Keith Kennedy of Born To Fish Charters. The largest bull redfish caught by the guys today was a trophy 32lbs. The weather has been cool with some wind.

If your looking for a great, inexpensive all inclusive trip, without the hassle of travelling outside the United States give Capt Keith a call. He will set you up with all housing, meals, tackle, fish cleaning, and even your fishing license. Keith knows when and where the big bulls are year round. Give Keith a call at (504) 908-3108 or check out his site at

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Word out of Brazil is a potential world record peacock bass was recently caught in the Middle Rio Negro region in the Amazonas. The monster was said to weigh in at 29.4lbs. All paperwork was reported to be filed with the IGFA for verification.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Papua New Guinea Bass

Papua New Guinea Bass are one of the top freshwater battlers in the world. They live in the rivers in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. They have been know to break rods, bust lures, strip reel gears, pull split rings out, and make pretzels out of hooks. These bass can reach weights of over 50lbs.
The rivers of Papua New Guinea are some of last remaining unfished rivers on earth!

PNG bass along with Tigerfish, Peacock Bass, and Golden Dorado are on the top of the list for freshwater trophy fishermen worldwide.

For more information on PNG contact STeve Yatomi at plus check out his website and

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lake Guri Venezuela

Friend and avid fisherman, Steve Ryan, had the opportunity to fish massive Lake Guri in Venezuela earlier this summer.

Lake Guri is one of the most exciting freshwater destinations in the world where one can catch trophy peacock bass and monster payara.

Massive Lake Guri, was formed by the construction of the Raul Leoni Dam which is one of the world's largest hydro-electric facility. It emcompasses over 3 million acres.

Guri is located about 325 miles from Caracas.

Steve had the pleasure of staying at Steve Shoulders Headwaters Fishing Club which is located on the SE side of Guri.

Steve was able to catch numerous trophy peacocks and payara. There are world class payara and peacocks in these waters with peacocks over 20lbs and payara over 30lbs.

Shoulders lodge was one of the most comfortable Ryan has visited in years of travel. The guides are topnotch and after experiencing Shoulder famous pork chops you definately will pack on a few pounds.

Shoulders is very flexible in the days of bookings from a few days to weeks.

For more information contact Steve Shoulders at

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Caught that monster fish of a lifetime and are looking to get a great mount so you can have a great memory of the catch. Check out Advanced Taxidermy at as they provide state of the art techniques to reproduce the fish that you caught! Check out their video at

The trophy fish are returned to fight again when getting a reproduction mount made. All you need is the length, girth, and weight plus a few good photos. Molds of killed fish have been made where fiberglass bodies are poured then painted to exact details of your trophy. The mounts will last a lifetime unlike skin mounts where the fish is killed which often bleeds oil after the taxidermist is done.

I am currently getting my trophy tigerfish made into a reproduction mount by these folks. Should make a great conversation piece!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Avid redfish angler, Gary Clark had great fishing for big bull redfish at the end of October with Capt. Keith Kennedy of Born to Fish Charters based in Venice, LA.
Gary was met with strong winds for the first 2 days of the trip, but Capt. Keith was still able to put them on the big bulls. On day 3, the winds ceased and a warm high pressure system moved into the area which really turned the fish on. The guys landed 84 bull reds for the 3 days of fishing with 40 over 32 inches and the largest 2 at 32lbs.
Contrary to some false rumors you might have heard, the fishing out of Venice, La is a good if not better than ever.
For more information on this fantastic fishing contact Capt. Keith Kennedy at
(804) 908-3108 or check out his site at
Keith provides top of the line guiding. He can also provide accomodations, meals, all tackle, and even your fishing license so really a no hassle trip!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Steve Yatomi of is near completion of his long waited website. Steve books fishing trips to the most exotic destinations worldwide such as La Zona golden dorado, Tanzania monster tigerfish, and Papua New Guinea bass and many more, plus some hunting trips and site-seeing adventures. Check out his site at the above website.Furthermore, you can also contact STeve at 18002543474 or mail him at to obtain more information on your "Trip of a Lifetime"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


During my recent fishing trip to the Mnyera and Ruhuji Rivers, Tanzania, friend Dane Lundquist took time off from catching monster tigerfish to try his luck at big game hunting. Dane tagged along with a professional hunter and saw a monster 15 ft croc bagged. On our last day, Dane hunted a few hours and bagged a monster trophy cape buffalo which measured 45 inches. This is a trophy where many serious AFrican Big Game Hunters never equal in years of hunting. Dane hunted with Kilombero North Safaris which can be booked by Steve Yatomi at or contact Steve at

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Was able to fish for monster tigerfish on the Mnyera River and Ruhudji Rivers in Tanzania last week. Had a group of 4 which included friends, Cole Lundquist, Steve Ryan, Dane Lundquist and myself. Steve Ryan had fished these rivers last year while this was the first tigerfish adventure for the rest of the group.

We flew on KLM for Chicago to Amsterdam then to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. He overnighted in the Sea Cliff Hotel in DAR before taking a charter flight to the fishing rivers.

The lodge on the Mnyera River consists of private, spacious safari type tents with private hot shower and toilet.

You drift down the river fishing different sections of the river each day. The biggest tigerfish on the trip were all caught on the Mnyera River. Cole landed monsters of 22.5lbs and 21lbs. Steve landed trophy tigers of 20lbs and 19lbs. I landed a trophy at 18lbs. All of us caught numers other trophies in the teens. A trophy tigerfish is normally any over 10lbs.

Dane opted to hunt for a few days and bagged a trophy cape buffalo.

Lots of wildlife was observed by all during the trip especially on the ride from the Mnyera River over to the Ruhudji River and back. You go by jeep driving through the jungle. Lots of elephant, eland, warthog, cape buffalo and others were seen. Numberous hippos, baboons, and monster crocs were observed each day on the Mnyera River.

I highly recommend this fishing experience. For more information contact

Thursday, October 7, 2010


STeve Yatomi of reports the peacock bass fishing in the Brazilian Amazon Jungle has been really good. For the week ending Oct 3rd, fishermen about the yacht, Tayacu, land 16 monster peacocks over 20lbs with a 25lbs grande being landed. 11 peacocks between 17 to 19lbs, 77 peacocks between 10 to 16lbs, and 713 over 10lbs were landed during the week.

The water levels, which are the key to peacock bass fishing success, are at a medium level and dropping. This is a good sign for a great peacock bass season this winter and fall.

For more information contact Steve Yatomi at

Sunday, October 3, 2010


With my upcoming trip to Tanzania for tigerfish only a few days away, 1 of the fishermen in my group suffered a serious injury this past week and will miss the fishing trip. My friend was riding his bicycle and as hit by a car. He suffered a broken arm and dislocated shoulder. He will out of work for at least a month. The driver of the car did not have insurance. My friend did not purchase travel trip insurance for our Tanzania trip. Since the trip is too close to departure, a refund is not available. Thousands of dollars are lost.


Thursday, September 30, 2010


For those of you who use to fish with Storm Hot-N-Tots, but find you cannot purchase the lures with their original colors, Dave Storm of has constructed the Winning Streak and jointed Mean Streak lures which are very similar in design to the original Hot-N-Tots. The Winning Steak comes in 64 different colorations and the lure is 1/4oz and 3 1/2 inches long. I have used these lures for years with leadcore line deep water trolling in open water for monster walleyes. My favorite coloration is the Fl. Green/ Black Herringbone. This lure has enabled me to catch numerous monster walleyes in Wisconsin the past few years. I highly recommend these lures for all avid walleye fishermen.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Kermett Adams now has available the Peacock Ripper and Peacock Ripper Chico in a green frog scale coloration. This should be a good coloration to catch monster peacock bass and also trophy largemouth bass, enomormous golden dorado, monster northern pike, and gigantic muskie. Check out for ordering information.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Getting ready to go on an exotic Peacock Bass fishing trip to the Amazon or are possibly thinking of taking a "Lifetime Trip"? Well, now is the time to get armed up with the best possible tackle to catch the Peacock Bass of your lifetime.

Kermett Adams of makes the top peacock bass lures in the business. Kermett hand makes each and every lure out of Premium Eastern Redwood and top of the line hooks, screws, propellers, etc.. to hold up to the violent strikes by the peacocks.

Kermett's Peacock Ripper is a propeller type lure 7 inches in length. Rip this across the surface to entice peacocks. The Peacock Ripper Chico is a smaller version with a length of 6 inches.

The September Pop is a popping lure which often gets the peacocks biting. It is 4 inches in length and makes a violent popping sound to get the peacocks active.

The Hot Dog is a "walk the dog" type lure with a length of 5.5 inches.

Check out all of Kermett's lures at and don't forget to check out his La Zona dorado lures for your next trip for monster dorado.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


STeve Yatomi of has notified me that he has 4 remaining spots of fish for monster peacock bass aboard the yacht Tayacu II during Nov 13-20. It is a hosted trip fishing also with the Tackle Tour Guys,

The Tayacu II is a very low draft yacht which allows you to enter very low waters where the other yachts cannot gain access to.

You will fish top notch monster peacock rivers such as the Preto, Cunini, Alegria, and others depending on which is deemed the best possible river for monster peacocks at the time.

Owner, Marlon Otero, has been in the business for years providing top service with some of the best experienced guides in the Amazon.

Last season a potential World Record Peacock Bass was released fishing out of the Tayacu II.

For more info on the "TRIP OF A LIFETIME" give Steve Yatomi a call at 1-800-254-FISH

Friday, September 17, 2010


A record 30lbs Orange Koi Carp was recently caught French angler Raphael Biagini. The Koi Carp is a close relative to the goldfish.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Legendary, Uraima Falls Payara Camp has been rebuilt. The lodge was destroyed by fire in 2008. Uraima Falls is in Eastern Venezuela. It separates the headwaters of the Rio Paragua froom the main body of the river. It holds claim to practically all the IFGA records for payara with the all-tackle record at a monsterous 39lbs.

Fishing is in very rapid waters below the falls where baitfish school up in massive amounts being easy prey to the fang tooth payara. Fishing is out of 30 foot canoes with 2 guides per canoe.

Anglers fly into Caracus overnight, then fly into Puerto Ordaz the next day and take a boat to the lodge.