Tuesday, June 26, 2012


If your fishing plans this summer take you to Alaska, make sure to spend time halibut fishing and entering the local halibut derby where you can win thousands of dollars.  The top derby destinations are Homer, Valdez, and Seward.  Each of these pay out thousands of dollars to the biggest halibut caught during the derby, weekly winners, monthly winners, and possibly some tagged halibut.  Most of the derbies start in mid May and last into September.  Daily tickets can be bought for roughly $10. 
Currently a 219lbs halibut is leading in Homer, a 179.2lbs halibut is leading in Valdez, and a 247lbs halibut is leading in Seward.  In my opinion is it very unlikely any of these will hold up and win the derby.  A few years ago while fishing out of Valdez, I was fortunate to land a halibut of approx 300lbs.  We were so far out in the ocean that coming in was not a possibility as the remaining halibut fishing would be sacrificed plus a few over 300lbs already were registered in the derby.  However make sure to buy a ticket because you cannot win without one.  Good luck to all!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


With the high cost of fishing leaders, it is fun and a way to save some cash by making your own.  A crimper, some crimps, swivels, split rings, cross-lock snaps, or Stay-lok snaps are needed.  I normally start with either wire, fluorocarbon, or mono to make the leader.  Wire of course is necessary when battlling toothy critters such as tigerfish.  Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible.  However it sinks causing baits to run deep, whereas mono suspends in the water.  Fluorocarbon is expensive whereas mono is fairly cheap.  Fluorocarbon is more abrasion resistant than mono but has little stretch.  Mono acts more like a shock absorber.  Mono will weaken over time in water whereas fluorocarbon has zero water absorption thus maintaining line strength.  All have advantages so I suggest making some with all 3 options.  The other choice is to use a fixed ring, cross-lock snap, or stay-lok snap to attach your lure.  All three have an advantage but I feel the fixed ring gives the best strength and is less apt to fail.  I also use SPRO Power swivels to attach the main line to the leader.
So when making your own leader it can be constructed at what ever length you desire. I normally cut a section from 12 to 18 inches.  I then add a suitable size crimp then attach the SPRO Power swivel.  Run the leader material through the crimp, through the swivel, then back through the crimp.  Use a crimpler to apply pressure on the crimp. On the other end repete the same as above but this time use the fixed ring or snap.
I recently have been making many leaders for my upcoming Papua New Guinea trip.  Have been using 300lbs SPRO power swivels, fixed rings with a 400lbs rating and have used 200lbs fluorocarbon, 300lbs mono, and 135lbs wire.
So making your own leaders can save lots of money to use on your favorite fishing lures!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Friend and longtime fishing partner, Cole Lundquist, had a great 4 day fishing trip this past weekend to Cabo.  Cole landed a big 60lbs dolphin (dorado) and a monster 190 striped marlin which took over 1hr 30min to land.  The seas were very calm according to Lundquist and the weather was perfect!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


On our upcoming trip to Papua New Guinea, PNG black bass are not the only species we should do battle with. PNG has a ample supply of big barramundi. Barramundi are closely related to the snook and huge Nile Perch. They are fantasic fighters often jeaping numerous times to toss the lure. During our past trip to Thailand, we had the opportunity to battle numerous barramundi. Barras are readily landed on minnow type lures such as soft plastic Storm swimming shads. Barras are excellent food fish, reported to be of gourmet quality. The all tackle world record as reported by the IGFA was caught by Denis Harrold out of Lake Monduran Queensland, Australia weighing in at a whopping 98 lb 6 oz!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


My copy of Erwin Brown's "The Adventures of Erwin W. Brown" arrived today. Immediately I had to open it and read the chapter on my favorite fish/destination--golden dorado of La Zona. Erwin also takes us to fabulous fishing destinations such as Tigerfish in Africa, King Salmon in Alaska, Great Lakes Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon in Iceland and Quebec, Black Marlin in the Coral Sea, Christmas Island Bonefish, Lake Nipigon brookies, Arctic Char on Victoria Island, Canadian pike and lakers, Largemouth in Mexico, etc.. Erwin also has a few chapters on various types of bird hunting, wolf hunting, coyote hunting, snow goose in Quebec, goose hunting in Iceland and Argentina, etc. Plus ERwin tells of his role in the development of the Liquid Crystal Depth Finder. I highly recommend reading of Erwin's adventures!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Avid International hunter and fisherman, Erwin W. Brown, has just completed his newest book on his fishing adventures. Erwin has landed practically every species of sportfish worldwide. Erwin tells tales of his adventures seeking the tigerfish, golden dorado, and many more. In the past, Erwin published his "Hunting The World" The Adventures of Erwin W. Brown where he tells of of his adventures in Africa, Mongolia, and practically each continent on this planet. I had the pleasure of fishing with Erwin while in La Zona for golden dorado a few years ago. Erwin stories are countless, so I highly recommend you pick up a copy of both his fishing and hunting adventures. For more information write me at doradokiller@hotmail.com

Monday, June 4, 2012


Avid redfish fishermen, Dr. Gary Clark, reports great bull redfish action out of Venice, LA in the Louisianna Delta. Gary's group landed over 85 bull reds in 3 days of fishing with Capt. Keith Kennedy of Born To Fish Charters. The majority of the bull reds weighed in at 25 to 30 pounds with the largest going at 32lbs. Gary reports the top lures were plastic flukes and Tsunami minnows. Capt Keith Kennedy is known to put clients on a number of monster bull reds day in and out. Book now to get a top date with Keith. Give him a call at (504) 908-3108

Friday, June 1, 2012


Long time friend, George Hollenback, son, and grandson had a great day of fishing recently for monster alligator gar in Texas on the Trinity River.
George's grandson along with help from his dad landed a monster alligator gar weighing 168lbs measuring 7ft 5inch. George was fishing with well know gar guide, Kirk Kirkland http://www.texasfishingguides.org/kirkland/page_garfish.htm As many know, the alligator gar has been around for thousands of years and are now protected in places such as Texas. These beasts reach enormous size and weight and are readily landed by clients of Kirkland on the Trinty River in Texas.