Saturday, August 29, 2015


Long time friend and fishing partner, Tom "Tiny" Kusbel, passed away Thursday.  Tom is a retired policeman from the City of Whiting.  Tiny loved his fishing and enjoyed heading to remote destinations not only for fishing but the love of seeing new places and new adventures.  Tom and I were pioneers in the peacock bass fishing venturing to the Amazon jungle in the early 90s before the word got out on this fishery.  Tom also loved fishing with his family at places like Yellow Lake in Webster, WI and Lake of the Woods in Canada.  Tiny would have really enjoyed fishing with me at places like La Zona and Thailand but his health would not enable to allow him.  I was very fortunate to see Tiny a few days before he passed.  Tom, rest in peace my good buddy and am sure we will catch a few river monsters in the fisheries in heaven.  God bless!!  Bob Daly

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


If you thought the 4X Owner ST-66TN treble hooks were the tops, what till you see the 5X Owner ST-76TN hooks.  These hooks have been available  in Japan for a few years and are now available in the USA.  The hooks are designed for the baddest of the baddest fish which swim!  The hooks consist of a corrosion resistant vacuum-tinned fishing with 3 super sharp points and short shafts.  They are super strong and come in sizes 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0.  The 3/0 has a wire diameter of 2/44mm, the 4/0 has a wire diameter of 2.59mm, while the huge 5/0 has a diameter of 2.77mm.  I have always replaced on treble hooks on lures used at La Zona and the other bad ass places I have fished and will now be replacing them with the new ST-76TN.  Check these out on your next visit to your local tackle store of look for them on-line at various site like

Sunday, August 9, 2015


PowerPro Maxcuarto Fishing Line
Lb. TestMono Eq. Diameter
At the recent ICAST, PowerPro introduced their new Maxcuatro braided fishing line.  The line is 25% thinner than regular PowerPro thus increasing spool capacity.  It's ultra soft thin construction allows for improved casting.  Maxcuatro also has two times more abrasion resistance when compared to other lines.  It comes in spools of 150, 500, and 1500 yards in 50, 65, 80, and 100lbs test and is designed to catch the strongest fish which swim

Monday, August 3, 2015

Stick Marsh/Farm 13 report for July 30th

Friend and avid angler, Dr. Gary Clark shard this great bass report:

What an unbelievable day of bass catchin' I had with Hugh Crumpler yesterday at the Stick Marsh!  With all our recent rains, water is flowing and the bass are fat, mean, and totally ready to come out and play!  We started casting at 7 AM and by 9:10 we had released 45.
By 11:30 the count was up to 75, and we quit at 1 PM with a final tally of 88 bass battled and released.  Most were caught with Carolina rigs and Stik-O's, but 3/4 oz RattleTraps and Deep Little N crankbaits produced as well.  If you think you missed the heyday of the famous Stick Marsh/Farm 13, think again!  With water moving, it's just like old times and never better.  This place is an absolute bass factory, and top guide Hugh Crumpler knows all the assembly lines!  Many of our buddies have fished with Hugh and know full well how he has produced for them.  Call him soon at (321) 626-6174  and get in on this fantastic summer bass fishing.