Sunday, April 29, 2012


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Cabelas is one of the world's foremost outfitters specializing in fishing and hunting. Currently they have the Rapala Mag 30 in gold/green mackerel and yellowfin tuna for a reduced price of $13.15 for a normal $18.79.
Cabelas offers you the option to pickup the items at the nearest Cabelas store so there is no shipping charge added. The Rapala Mag 30s are fantastic lures for the monster golden dorado of La Zona. These lures are capable of running at speeds up to 13 knots. The Mag 30 model dives to 30 ft and is 6 1/4 inches long with a weight of 2 1/2 ounces. When using these lures at La Zona, make sure to change the split rings to the super strong Wolverine triple coiled rings
, and replace the hooks with Owner ST-66 or Owner ST-76 trebles.

Monday, April 23, 2012


On my recent trip to La Zona, the Shimano TranX PG was put to a great test battling monster golden dorado.
The TranX PG is a very powerful reel with a large spool capacity. I found it very easy to make long casts with 150lbs PowerPro line. The drag system was able to stop monster golden dorado which are one of the toughest freshwater fish on this planet. The large reel handle allows for very smooth retrieves. In my opinion the PG has advantages of the high speed model, plus the PG can also be retrieved very rapidly. If you looking for a top of the line large capacity bait casting reel with the power to stop a truck, look no further than the Shimano TranX PG!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


On my recent trip to La Zona for monster golden dorado we were faced with extremely tough low water conditions. The Uruguay was the lowest I have experienced in 6 trips. Normally top lures are cd 18 rapalas, mag 30 rapalas, and giant shad raps. However these lures were ineffective due to the low water conditions. Also the monster dorado were not very aggressive due to recent colder weather making topwater poppers and choppers useless. Therefore, I decided to go with large Doctor Spoons and the new large weedless Papa Doc.
These spoons weigh 2 ounces and come in various colorations. The top colors for me were firetiger and gold. The hooks on the Big Doctor Spooon was replaced by large Owner single hooks which can withstand the powerful jaws of steel which are found on golden dorado. The new Papa Doc spoon already comes with an adequate attached single hook. The key of the group was casting directly behind submerged rocks in about 2-3ft of water where the water was flowing. Rapid retrieves were necessary to prompt the golden dorado into striking. Dorado exhibit a arm jerking strike, so set the hook numerous times on these brutes. This tatic really paid off for the group with monster dorado of 55,52, 50, 49, 46,44,43,42,41,and 2x40 pounds being landed in 4 days of fishing. Untamed Angling has by far the best experienced guides in La Zona and definately will instruct you to land the golden dorado of your dream! So as on any fishing trip, try to get water conditions prior to your trip and make sure you have lures which cover all sections of water from very deep to very shallow.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

La Zona Report for April 13th to 16th

My group of 4 avid fishermen returned to very low water conditons on the Uruguay River to battle with the monster golden dorado of La Zona. After months of preparation we had the right lures, big golden Doctor Spoons. The catch was totally a dream with 11 dorado exceeding the magical 40lbs mark including a record 3 monster over 50lbs with the largest at 55lbs land by Cole Lundquist. La Zona is a section of the Uruguay River boarding on Argentina/Uruguay. In the zone there is only allowed 4 boats on specific days of the week and specific times. Here, near the Salto Grande Dam swim some of largest concentration of monster dorado on this earth. The battle put on the dorado is tremendous with many broken lures, snapped leaders, bent hooks, broken rods, and stripped out gears on reels. This season I used the new Shimano TranX PG and is passed the test in flying colors. The TranX is very powerful, holds lots of line, and casts very smoothly. I high recommend this reel. The La Zona dorado trip ran at La Zona Lodge by Untamed Angling, is a very high demand trip. Book early to lock in the best dates for 2013. Contact Steve Yatomi at or contact me at This is definately a trip of a lifetime and I have already booked for next season.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Capt. Jean Francois Helias of reports excellent fishing for monster fish at Ratchaburi. Today, one of Francois clients landed a monster 38kg Giant Siamese Carp and a 40kg Chao Phraya. Last week the fishing was excellent at other fishing ponds for such species as giant redtail catfish, huge arapaima, monster barramundi. Thailand has numerous opportunities to land the fish of your dreams. I can vouch for this after 2 successful trips to Thailand for monster fish. The only problem with fishing Thailand is leaving with very sore arms!!!
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Monday, April 2, 2012


In preparation for my upcoming trip to La Zona dorado, much tackle preparation is necessary to battle one of the toughest freshwater fish on this planet, the golden dorado. On all lures, the split rings need to be removed and replaced with the strongest rings on earth, the triple-coiled rings made by the Wolverine Tackle Company, contact Terry at for more inforation. These rings are the only rings I have found to hold up to the lure breaking strength of the golden dorado. Also all hooks need to be replaced with the top of the line Owner ST-76 trebels. If you thought the ST-66s were "the super hook", the ST-76 is the biggest, baddest big game treble hook on the market. These hooks are 5X strong, finished with corrision resistant vacuum-tinned finish, three super sharp power points and short shanks. Next make sure all lures are free of puncture marks made by previous fishing trips. Coat these spots with a super strong adhesion found at your local hardware store. I then repaint all destroyed lures then coat with a clear coat of enamel adhesion. Check all leaders and toss out any damaged ones. Take off all braided line and check for damaged spots. Replace if needed. Check all rods guides and tips for sharp edges, etc... These tackle preparation tips will greatly improved the odds of landing that mosnter golden dorado of your dreams!!