Sunday, February 26, 2012


Looking for some fantastic buys on fishing gear? Looking no further than Friend, Tom Ashby, always has some great deals. American Legacy Fishing Company is based out of Indiana and is one of the largest Shimano dealers in the world! Tom puts out a fantastic newsletter featuring sales, and bragging photos of fisermen from around the world. In the current newsletter, MagaBass lures are at an unheard of 50% off, Kopper's LIve Target lures are 40% off, PowerPro Red braid is 50% off, Daiwa Clothing is 50% off, there is a $30 rebate on Shimano Chronarch E, Shimano Curado G, and Shimano Citira G reels, plus many more. Check out and make sure to sign up for their newsletter where you will be given a $25 rebate coupon on your next order of $100 or more. Also make sure to give Tom a call and put your name on the list for the upcoming Shimano Tranx reel!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Many agree that PowerPro braided fishing line is the best on the market. I totally agree as have battled monster La Zona dorado, peacock bass, tigerfish, and numerous monster fish which swim in the ponds of Thailand using PowerPro braid. The braid comes in green, yellow, white, and red. The red braid is very interesting. Looking at the energy spectrum, red is the first color to fade in water. The order goes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. However, red coloration does not totally disappear in water, it more or less turns a grayish color. At depths around 14ft, the line starts to disappear from visibility making it practically invisible. So, if your fishing depths over 15ft on your next fishing trip, consider using the red colored PowerPro Braid!

Friday, February 10, 2012


With many airlines having restrictions on the size of baggage one is allowed, many anglers including myself have switched over to using 2 piece fishing rods. I am often asked what is the best 2 piece rod which can handle the battles put out by the La Zona golden dorado. The Muskie Angler Rods from Bass Pro Shops are my favorite especially the 2 piece 6ft 6in model MA66MHT-2. These powerful rods are made of lightweight IM6 graphite blands. Each rod is fitted with Fuji reel seats, Fuji Hardloy guides, and Portuguese cork handles. The rod action is rated as fast and can handle lures up to 3 ounces. A weight balance system is built into the rod butt and includes a set of brass weights. After landing golden dorado up to 48lbs on these rods, I highly recommend you consider them before you next International Fishing Adventure for monster fish!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Tired of losing monster fish to weak split rings? Look no further than Wolverine tackle's triple coiled split rings. These are by far the strongest rings on earth. Friend Art did testing on numerous brands of rings and the Wolverine's had the strongest strength hands down! Most of the rings come in either Zinc/Nickel with Trivalent Chromate or Stainless Steel. Wolverine Tackle recently came out with a new Size #4 for bass fishermen which has a outside diameter of 0.292 and has a pull strength of 12olbs on the stainless steel models, 110lbs on the zinc chromate. Also, they have come out with a new #5 custom thinner ring which is perfect for lures with smaller hook eyes. It is rated for 90lbs strength and diameter of 0.312. I recently met up with Terry Trattner of Wolverine Tackle and believe they are going to produce very large rings up to size #10. Believe me, to tangle with tough critters such as golden dorado, tigerfish, PNG bass, and others I replace all lures with Wolverine Tackle Triple Coiled Rings. For more information check out

or contact Terry Trattner at

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Friend Hank Szopinski and his neighbor, Ed Quinif, fished the Uruguay River during January 27th to 30th, 2012 for golden dorado. The guys fished in the area known as La Zona "Home of the Monster Dorado'. The water levels were extremely low as a drought has taken place the past few months in Argentina and Southern Brazil. Hank and Ed were guided by Untamed Angling top dorado guide, Enzo Rico who has guided more clients to monster 40lbs+ dorado then all the other guides combined! Hank, who had previously fished in La Zona earlier in 2011, landed the largest dorado at 42lbs casting large Cabela Canadian Spoons (gold coloration) toward the Uruguay side. Numerous rocks are currently exposed which is normally where the monster dorado lay waiting for baitfish to move by with the strong currents produced by the El Salto Grande Dam turbines. Ed and Hank landed a 36lbs and 42lbs simultaneously! Hank also landed a 41lbs golden dorado earlier in the stay. Congratulations Hank for cracking the 40+ lbs barrier which in my opinion is a monster dorado. Hank decribes the stay are very nice with the food, guides, and staff of Untamed Angling being top notch. Fishing was described as good but numbers were slightly down due to the very low water levels. I think once these levels come up, the dorado fishing will be unbelievable. To get into this exciting action you can book a trip through or contact me at . These trips book very fast so act quickly to obtain the best dates. As some know only 4 boats are allowed in La Zona and only during Friday to Monday.