Saturday, December 3, 2011


On day 3 of my Thailand fishing trip, we ventured to the IT Lake Monsters which is my favorite fishng venue in Thailand. The lake is about a 2 hour drive from Bangkok in the rural Ratchburi Province. The lake is approximately 7 acres with depths reaching 5 meters. Here you can catch giant redtail catfish until your arms give out. Also the lake boasts a good population of pacu, Thai Redtail catfish, alligator gar, Chao-Praya Catfish, barramundi, and arapaima. We used live/dead talapia on heavy spinning gear. The morning started out on the slow side but I landed a huge 20lbs barramundi a few minutes into the day. Later I landed a 55lbs Chao-Praya Catfish which put up a reel burning flight. Later in the afternoon, Steve landed a monster 70lbs arapaima. Around 2pm the action really picked up with double header after double header on the large redtail catfish up to 60lbs. So, make sure to add IT Lake Monsters to your next Thailand fishing adventure!

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