Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Now is the time to start planning your dream fishing trip to Argentina.  Monster golden dorado which are mean as hell are available on the Uruguay and Parana Rivers.  La Zona Lodge which is located in the town of Concordia offers the largest dorado on earth during the months of January through May then good fishing again mid September through December.  During the months of July and August, La Zona Lodge can set you up at a chance of a monster surubi catfish of your dreams.  I have fished here numerous times and dorado over 40 pounds are caught daily and perhaps a 50 pound will be caught during your stay.  I have fished La Zona each year since it opened to sportfishing and it is as good now as the first year I went.  This past January I landed two monster dorado exceeding 50 pounds!  There definately are dorado swimming around exceeding 60 lbs!!!The bookings go fast so act now before it is too late.
The most famous dorado outfitter on the Parana is Matias Pavoni.  I have known Matias and his wife Fany for many years.  Matias was a wonderful guide years ago at La Zona and definately can put you on big dorado.  He has since established his own guiding service and lodging out of the town of Corrientes.
In Southern Argentina in the famous Patagonia Region the best rainbow trout fishing on earth is available.  Jurassic Lake Lodge sits on Lago Strobel where thousands of double digit rainbow trout swim.  You have a decent chance at a rainbow exceeding 20 pounds during your stay.  The season beings in the Argentina Springtime and last until their winter months.  I have fished here numerous times and the fishing has been fantastic.
Argentina has rapidly become my favorite destination worldwide.  The people are very friendly, the beef is world class, and the fishing is beyond belief!  Make sure to spend a few days in Buenos Aires during your visit.
Write me if you need any information on any of the destinations mentioned above and I can put you in touch with the owners of the operations!

Saturday, June 17, 2017


On June 2 I took Air Canada out of Chicago via Toronto to Shanghai China to fish for Yellowcheek Carp.  3 other friends from Chicago met me at the Shanghai Airport along with a representative from the fishing lake where we would fish for 4 days.  We rode in a comfortable van about 2 hours to a 5 star hotel,  After unpacking and getting a much needed rest we took a golf cart about 5 min from the hotel to Mingzhu Lake where the big Yellowcheek swim.  Mingzhu Lake is a very small, shallow body of water which was originally a tributary of the Yangtze River's esturary then embanked into a lake in the early 1970s.  We fished out of very comfortable bass boats powered by 60 hp Mercury outboards.  The 2 areas of concentration on the lake is where there are flows of water which is on the north and south side.  This flow attracts bighead carp which is the main diet of the Yellowcheek.  The lures of choice were approx.. 6 in swimbaits such as the Jackall Gantarel and Gantarel Jr.  Fishing was on the slow side, however
, I did land a Yellowcheek and a Stargazer.  One in the group had did very well with Yellowcheek est. around 100 and 70lbs.  I have no clue as to why they are called "carp" as they have large pointed mouths with large V shaped tails which give them tremendous speed.  The last day of our trip I had an extremely large Yellowcheek exploded on my Gantarel but however did not get hooked.  During the stay I found the Chinese people to be some of the friendliest folks I have encountered.  They are extremely hard working people. I did not see the military presence nor the poverty areas we often of American Television.  If I did not know better I would have thought I was fishing in NW WI due to the numerous Pine Trees surrounding the lake.  The weather was not extremely hot with temp probably in the mid 80s.  We did have some rain during the stay.
 We had no problems whatsoever going through customs in China.  Hopefully someday I get the opportunity to return to attempt to catch the one that got away.  Will definately practice with some chop sticks too!! Believe me that American Chinese Food is nothing like "Chinese Food"!!!