Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Early Season Louisiana Redfish Action

Tired of shovelling snow? Sick of the cold winter weather? Got cabin fever? Well, avid redfish angler, Dr. Gary Clark, reports redhot action out of the Gulf in Louisiana for monster bull redfish. Yesterday, a group of anglers guided by Capt. Keith Kennedy landed 70 redfish. They landed 8 big bull reds between 30 to 40lbs and 2 monsters over 40lbs. As evidenced, fishing in the Gulf is good year long. Capt Keith knows where to put you onto the big reds with lots of action. Keith provides everything from housing, meals, and even your fishing license. Keith books quickly so make your 2014 reservations now while a few openings exist! Capt Keith fishes out of Venice, Louisiana and operates Born to Fish Charters. You can contact Keith at (504) 908-3108

Thursday, January 16, 2014

IGFA Top 10 of the year

Between Oct 15, 2012 and Oct 15, 2013 the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) reported over 490 new records of 40 various species. The IGFA narrowed this down to their Top 10. Anglers can vote for the best of the best by going to their site at www.igfa.org/contests/AnglersChoice and vote by April 1. The award will be presented at the 11th Annual World Record Acheivement Award ceremony on April 26,2014 at the IGFA Hall of Fame & Museum. Good friend Jason Yip of www.sportfishingpng.net made the top ten with his World Record Papua New Guinea Black Bass which weighed in at 46lbs, Please give Jason your support and vote for him to be the "best of the best" and bring home the trophy!!


Looking to get out of the cold winter and catch some monster largemouth bass? Guides Hugh Crumpler, www.hugh-crumpler.com and Eddie Bussard, www.basschallenger.com can put you on these brutes. The next 3 months are prime time to land trophy largemouths over 10lbs. Hugh concentrates on the famous Stick Marsh near Vero Beach which is located on the East Coast of Florida, while Capt. Eddie concentrates on the St. Johns River and other lakes in Central Florida. Friend Gary Clark has fished with both and has exceeded the magic 10lbs mark on numerous occasions. These trips book fast to get in while some openings remain. Give either Hugh or Eddie a call on your next trip to Florida.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Fishing Shows

Each and every winter, I look forward to attending the various fishing shows in the Chicago area. Yesterday, I attend the Chicago muskie show. The show features top muskie anglers giving seminars and answering questions. This is a great opportunity to get some questions answered by pros. Looking for some of the new tackle and good prices? Well the shows have various tackle representatives available to answer questions and sell you there new top products. Yesterday at the show, I talked at length with Terry Trattner from Wolverine Tackle www.wolverinetackleinc.com. Wolverine Tackle has without question the strongest split rings availble on the market. Why take a chance on losing your fish of a lifetime due to subpar components. I have used these rings on all my world adventures and would not arm my lures with anything else. The rings are triple coiled to give it tremendous strenth. Make sure to put these on your lures before your next trip. Another item which caught my attention was the SS Shad constructed by Smoker Tackle www.smoker-tackle.com. I talked with owner Kyle Marsanick. The SS Shad is a super shallow, wide wobbling lure which can be casted over shallw structures such as weeds, rocks, etc... The SS Shad is made of high density balsa wood and has wire through construction. I hope to land a few monster golden dorado on this lure later in the year. So, if you at home with "cabin fever", make sure to hit some of the fishing shows in your area and check out the latest in tackle!

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Of all the places around the world I have been fortunate to wet a line, Papua New Guinea is high on my return list. Jason Yip of www.sportfishingpng.net does a fantastic job, organizing anglers into some of the remotest areas on earth. In Papaua New Guinea you will go into hand to hand battle with the toughest freshwater fish on earth, the New Guinea Black Bass. The brutes can reach weights exceeding 50lbs if your lucky to land one. Monster barramundi are a side catch and they get huge, over 70lbs. Papua New Guinea is located near Australia. Often anglers fly into Brisbane then onto Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea where Jason's staff will meet you. You then will venture into the remote jungle by 4 wheel drive vechicles to camps Jason has gained permit rights. Make sure to bring along fishing equipment which MIGHT be able to handle these monsters. I recommend Daiwa Lexa 400 reels, short stout tuna jigging rods, 100 to 200 braided line, 200 lbs mono leaders, triple coiled Wolverine split rings, and only lures with wire through construction. This setup will enable you to have a fighting chance at landing the PNG bass. While I fished with Jason, I was knocked onto my face when being pulled by a monster exceeding 40lbs! Jason was able to set the IGFA all tackle record while our group was in camp. For one of the best fishing adventures offered on this planet, get in touch with Steve Yatomi of www.adventuretravelalliance.com Steve heads groups into PNG yearly fishing with Jason Yip. Jason recently reported that he has a few opening remaining for 2014. Get in now to the "Land That Time Forgot"