Friday, December 2, 2011


On the 2nd day of my Thailand Fishing Adventure, we fished Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds for Giant Snakehead. The Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds are located about 1 hour from downtown Bangkok. The fishery is lure fishing only and has a diverse range on predator fish species throughout 10 ponds. We directed our attention to the Giant Snakehead which are tremendous fighters on both subsurface along with topwater lures. Our fishing day was quite windy so the topwater bite was off. The best lures were jointed rapalas, Kippers Live Taget Pumpkinseed, and SPRO BBZ-1 shad swimmbait. Should the topwater action been on, Klures Snakehead buzzer would be the lure of choice. Numerous Giant Snakeheads were landed by all. They are drag burners and definately should be on your list of species to catch! We fished again with Eddie Mounce of

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