Friday, December 13, 2013

Thailand Trip Continued

On the following day after fishing at Jurassic Mountain Lake resort we drove back to Bangkok for a day of rest. There are lots of sightseeing opportunites around Bangkok. In past years, we have visited numerous golden temples, shrines, etc... This year we spent a few hours catching up on some needed rest then went shopping in downtown Bangkok. Deals are easy had here as the store owner will deal with you to get some needed sales. The following night we went back to Bungsamran for some nonstop Mekong Catfish action. We fished the entire night till 2pm the following day. My arms and shoulders are still sore from these brutes. Mekong's are one of the strongest fish on earth. The are practically extinct in the wilds so Bungsamran gives the angler the best opportunity to land one of these monsters. I highly recommend you put Bungsamran on your wish list. Bungsamran is in Bangkok and stores a complete tackle store, resturant with bungalow service and bar. It is open 24hrs and many of the bungalows have beds, refrigerators, television sets, etcc all the comforts of home plus some of the best fishing on earth. The bait of choice is ground lam which is placed around an open wire harness. A size 1/0 single barbless hook hangs from a drop line below the wire harness. The bait suspends about 4ft below a float. As the bait starts to dispense, Mekong's start to feed in the bait cloud and inhale the suspended hook. All rods, reels, and bait are supplied by an outfitter or guide at Bungsamran. All fish are returned to battle another day.

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