Sunday, December 8, 2013


On the second day of our Thailand fishing adventure, we travelled about 2 hours out of Bangkok to IT Lake Monsters in BanPon-Ratchaburi. Here we are targeting big redtail catfish, huge Chao Phraya Catfish, Wallagoo, alligator gar, and numerous others. Having fished this venue in the past, I know it is non-stop action the entire day. However, during our stay the bite was slightly off. The cooler weather around 80deg could possibly explain this. However, numerous big redtail cats were landed by all. Friend Jim Reed got the big fish of the trip with a monster Chao Phraya Catfish weighing over 100lbs. The Chao Phraya are beautiful silver colored fish with gigantic fins which enables it to put up a tremendous fight when hooked. These cats along with the redtail are carnivorous-fish eating unlike the mentioned Mekong Catfish which are herbivorous. The top bait was live and dead tilapia. We fished here for 2 days. This is definately a must to do on your next visit to Thailand.

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