Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thailand Trip Continued

The following day we headed off to the town of Hua-Hin which is about 2 hrs from IT Lake Monsters. Luckily, we have an air colditioned van as the outside temps have reached around 100deg. We are going to fish the new Jurassic Mountain Lake Resort which has ample opportunities for Giant Siamese Carp and a decent shot at arapaima. The technique used to land the Giant Siamese Carp are fhsh pallets attached directly near a single shot with a drop line. The rods are placed in electronic bite detectors which send out an alarm when a bite takes place. Giant Siamese Carp are normally difficult to catch, however, each in the group lands a few in the upper 40 lbs range. Siamese Carp are fantastic battlers, often pulling out lots of drag with powerful runs. Arapamia are the largest freshwater fish on earth. In Jurassic many exceeding 200lbs are seen each day gasping for air to fill their bladders. However they become lure/bait shy and elude us for our 2 days of fishing. Hua Hin is fastly becoming one of my favorite places to visit. The town is quite small when compared to Bangkok and much less conjested. The nightlife is great and we hit the scene each night. One evening we were able to watch a rerun of the Packers/ Vikings game over a few cold bottles of Chang beer! Cannot wait to visit Hua Hin again!

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