Saturday, December 7, 2013


I recently had the pleasure to fish for monster fish in Thailand. There are numerous fishing opportunites which exist in this wonderful country. I will write about a different venue for the next few days. Our first day was spent in Bungsamran which is located in Bangkok district Sukhapibahn. Bungsamran is perhaps the top fishery in the world to land Giant Mekong catfish, stripped catfish, and Giant Siamese Carp. Bungsamran measures about 300m long by 225m wide. There are various bungalows positioned around the lake equipped with television, beds, refrigerators, etc.. The fishing for Mekong Cats is outstanding. The bait of choice is lam rice balls kept slightly off the bottom with the aid of a float. Mekong Cats are very powerful and can reach hundreds of pounds. During our stay the fishing was outstanding. We fished the entire night which produced non stop action with the largest Mekong exceeding a hundred pounds.

The last day we concentrated on Giant Siamese Carp.  During the final few minutes, a monster carp exceeding 70lbs was landed.

Bungsamran has restaurant and bar service for your pleasure making it a total relaxing experience.  This is definately one of the top destinations remaining on earth.  I highly recommend you put this on your to fish list.  Contact Francois Helias at and check out his site at

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