Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013--Another Great Year for Monster Fish

2013 was another fantastic year, far exceeding my catch expectations while revisiting some of my favorite fishing destinations. The season started out in January when good friend, Steve Ryan, invited me to tag along son some ice fishing excursions to Nate Herman's trophy ponds in search for record bluegill and to Madison, WI in search of big cats. I have not fished through the ice for many years. It brought back great memories of my time in graduate school at Michigan Tech in Michigan's UP. I spend hours sitting on a bucket on the ice catching bluegill, walleye, and perch. The fishing at Nate's was fantastic as am sure the Illinois state record bluegill will be broken out of his lake in Peoria, ILL. Numerous big cats were landed also on our trip to Madison. Hope to get some good ice fishing in this year. In April, I returned to visit my favorite fishery in the world, La Zona, in Argentina. This was my 7th year and was indeed my best time for monster golden dorado. I shattered my personal best of 48lbs with a 53lbs, 52lbs, and 50lbs trophy golden dorado. The dorado really destroyed my fishing reels as many of the gears were stripped plus a few rods were broken. The fishing seems to get better each year with more dorado topping 40lbs. I am heading back again in April to catch the World Reocrd. In September, I fished out of Gary LaRose's Pumice Creek Lodge along with a few good friends. Pumice Creek Lodge is located on the Alaska Peninsula about an hours flight from King Salmon. Here, the best silver salmon fishing on earth exists bar none!! This was my 25th straight year to the Alaska Peninsula so you would tend to believe I could buy a resident fishing license! The scenery and fishing are so good, I believe I will head to Gary's forever as I am already looking forward to battling those big silvers at the Cinder River and numerous brilliant colored arctic char at Lava Creek. Later in September, I went to Yellow Lake in Webster, WI for my annual walleye fishing trip. I again visited long time friend, Bernie Meyer. This was the first year I went without my dad due to health issues. Hopefully, things turn around this year so he can head back up north! Walleye fishing was excellent, but the monster again avoided me. Looking forward to getting them this September. In November, I along with a few friends made a return trip to Thailand. We again fished with friend/guide Francois Helias who always makes us feel right at home. Thailand is rapidly becoming one of my top destinations worldwide. The fishing is unbelievable for monster fish such as Mekong Catfish, Giant Siamese Carp, Big retail catfish, Arapaima, and the list goes on and on. I gurantee you would catch one of the largest fish of your lives if you decide to wet a line in Thailand. My arms and shoulders are still hurting! In November, I was asked by Daiwa Tackle to test out their new Lexa 400 casting reel and other products in the future. The reel is great and will put to the test in future trips. Thanks to Tom Ashby for helping on this opportunity! Also had the pleasure of sitting in on our local fishing radio show "The Bass Buzz" on WJOB our of Hammond, IN. I always enjoy having the opportunity to talk fishing on the show. Thanks again to Pat, Mike, and Bob! This coming year should present more great adventures and monster fish! I am heading to Uganda in a few weeks to fish Murchison Falls where some of the largest Nile Perch on earth swim. Should also have a grat opportunity to film some of Africa's wildlife. As mentioned heading back to La Zona in April to catch the world record golden dorado. I always head back to Pumice Creek Lodge, Alaska, in September and to friend Bernie Meyer on Yellow Lake, WI for big walleyes. Plans are in the works to fish possibly Suriname next winter for some big wolf fish and Guyana for monster arapaima. I AM EXTREMELY BLESSED TO HAVE FRIENDS LIKE YOUR!!! BEST WISHES TO ALL FOR A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY 2014! BOB DALY

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  1. Bob,
    Always enjoy your reports and information. Great year in review of your travels. Waiting to hear your report of a new "River Tiger" world record and that it's yours! Merry Christmas!