Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Guyana Monster Arapaima on the Fly

Friend and avid fly fisherman, Jim Schmid, recently had a fishing trip of a lifetime. Jim ventured deep into the Guyana jungles in search of monster arapaima. His goal was to land a monster on the fly! Arapaima are the largest and oldest of freshwater species sometimes reaching lengths of 10 feet. Due to overfishing and poaching they became nearly extinct and are now protected--all catch and release. Jim fished on the Rewa River which is the heart of Guyana's Rupununi Region. The Rewa is an isolated tributary of the Essequibo flowing north off the Guyana Shield. Based out of Rewa Eco Village, Jim ventured upriver for a 5 day adventure sleeping in hammocks while being guided by local Makushi Amerindians. HIs trip paid off as he landed two monster arapaiama on his last day with brutes weighing 260lbs and 290lbs all on the fly! Also numerous smaller arapaima, black piranha, payara, and some wolf fish were landed. Congratulations Jim on these great catches on the fly!

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