Saturday, October 6, 2012


Yellow Lake which is located in Webster, Wisconsin holds some of the largest lake sturgeon around.  In early September, an angler hooked and released back into Yellow Lake a monster sturgeon which measured 88 inches and weighed 200 pounds.  The angler however was fishing for walleye and accidentally snagged the beast which does not allow him to qualify for the state record which is at 170 pounds.
On September 22 about 30 anglers held a sturgeon tournament knowing this record was still alive and swimming in Yellow Lake.  For the day 33 sturgeon we landed and released with the largest sturgeon measuring 60 1/8 inches allowing for a winning prize of $1000.
The sturgeon season last throughout the month of September.  Top fishing tactics are setting nightcrawlers on the bottom in deep holes.  One sturgeon measuring 60 inches or over can be kept provided you purchase a sturgeon tag.
Yellow Lake is one of the few places where sturgeon are constantly landed on hook and line.  If sturgeon is on your wish list, make sure to visit Yellow Lake next September

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