Saturday, October 20, 2012


With early low water conditions on tributaries off the Rio Negro and those in the southern region, Steve Yatomi of ATA, announces excellent peacock bass fishing in the Brazilian Amazon. These rivers constantly produce the largest peacocks in the world.  Early reports of over 1000 peacocks being landed per week with a few monsters over 20 pounds are being submitted by numerous fishermen.  Top lures are still topwater prop lures such as those made by  Jigs and the old reliable live bait are still the choice should the water levels tend to go up.  The season is expected to remain good as the water levels in the Northern fisheries off the Rio Branco are coming down making November a good time to head to these fisheries.  Peacock bass fishing is totally dependent on water levels.  High water allows the peacocks to roam back into the jungle in search of baitfish making them practically impossible to catch.  If peacock bass is on your list get in touch with Steve Yatomi of Adventure Travel Alliance at or check out his facebook page or

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