Sunday, October 21, 2012


While fishing the snag infested waters of Papua New Guinea, I learned the importance of having a good lure retriever onboard.  The retriever saved hundreds of dollars in getting high priced lures out of snags.  Two of the best retrievers I have seen are the Asari Lure Aid which is designed to go down your line, among the snags and catch onto your lure so that it can become free.  You can check out this product on  I recently purchased this lure aid while being in Australia.  The other top lure retriever is the telescopic type sold by  This retriever end slides down your line while you hold the butt end to free the lure.  The telescopic length is 16ft while collapsed it is 5ft 3in.  This retriever was highly successful in Papua New Guinea saving us valuable lures.  So I highly recommend a top of the line lure retriever gets stored on your boat to save you valuable fishing dollars!

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