Saturday, October 13, 2012


Eddie Mounce, of Fish Thailand, has recently announced a new Thailand fishing resort, Jurassic Fishing Park.  The venue is located about 2 hours from Bangkok besides the sea-side town of Cha Am.  Here, monster arapaima, redtail catfish, snakehead, siamese carp, mekong catfish, and others are swimming.  The lake is situated between a mountainous landscape and vivid rice paddies making for a stunning background.  Currently Jurassic Mountain Resort is being built which will include nine 2 bedroom villas set overlooking the lake.  Each villa is currently for sale and comes with life time fishing rights.  So far 4 villas have been sold, 3 of which to Fish Thailand.  Having had the opportunity to Thailand twice, I can vouch that the fishing here is world class and most likely you will land the largest fish in your life and leave with sore arms!  For more information contact Eddie Mounce at

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  1. I am stuck between here Jurassic,bungsamran and IT Lake monsters,,,,, anyone make my decision for me ?? ha help would be hugely appreciated