Thursday, May 26, 2011


Ratchaburi Lake Monsters is about a 2 hour drive from Bangkok. Here it is stocked with one of the largest freshwater fish on this planet the arapaima.
On May 13th, Texan Kyle Burgess while fishing with Capt Francois Helios landed a monster 165lbs arapaima.
Arapaima are air breathers and are seen ocassionally gulping a breathe of air. They can be seen in the Amazon and have been stocked into ponds in Thailand such as the Ratchaburi Lake Monsters.
Ratchaburi Lake Monsters also has an abundance of redtail catfish, sorubim, pacu, alligator gar and many other exotic species.
On your next trip to Thailand get in touch with Capt Francois at and maybe you will catch a LAKE MONSTER!!

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