Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Giant Snakeheads can crawl on land and breathe air. They have been known to eat fish, animals, and even attack humans.
Giant Snakeheads are the largest in the Channidae family and capable of reaching lenths of 6 feet and weights up to 66 pounds.
The Giant Snakeheads have a long rounded body with a large snakelike head and a mouth full of fang like teeth. They are black/grey in coloration with silver/purple patterns across its upper body and a white belly.
During breeding the male Giant Snakehead looks after the fry while the mother attacks any preditors even sometimes humans which get too close.
Giant Snakeheads were found in Maryland in 2002 and are abundant in Florida while the largest are found in places such as Thailand.
Giant Snakeheads are fantastic fighters which put on drag buring runs when hooked. They routinely take topwater lures and subsurface spinners and minnow type lures.
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