Sunday, May 22, 2011


Pacu are close relatives to the piranha. However they have squarer straighter teeth with a less severe underbite. They are primarily found in South America and have been introduced into ponds in Thailand.
In South America there are a few different species which fit into this catagory such as the Tambaqui and Pirapitinga.
The Tambaqui can get huge with specimens of 3 feet in length and over 70lbs being reported. They are extremely strong fish and put up a fantastic fight when hooked.
The Tambaqui has a golden to olvie green back and an purple to black ventral area. Their set of teeth reminds one of a set of human dentures.
The Pirapitinga is very similar to the Tanbaqui however it is slightly smaller and has a second row of molars in the upper jaw whereas the Tambaqui has a single row.
Both species are some of the best fighting fish in freshwater. Both are known primarily as fruit, nut, and flower eaters unlike the piranha!
Both species are very good tablefare and are highly sought after by local fishermen.
To catch some monster Pacu contact Francois Helias at to fish in Thailand and/or Rodrigo Salles at where you can catch monster Pirapitinga in Bolivia

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