Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The Pirarara is a monster catfish caught in the Amazon basin and can also be landed in some of the Thailand ponds.

The name Pirarara roughly means "parrot fish" due to it containing "arara" which represents the vivid macaw. In English it is known as a redtail catfish.

Besides it massive tail, it possesses a monsterous head which makes up over 1/3 of its body. The head is covered with a bone like armour to protect it from it's enemies if any!

The body coloration is a dark black old leather colored skin and cream white underside.

Once landed the Pirarara lets out a bellowing sound from the air being expelled from its gills.

They have been known to reach weights of 51.5kg.

Normally they are landed using dead fish as bait. The Pirarara is a great fighter with drag burning runs.

In Thailand under the guidance of Francois Helios numerous Pirarara can be landed each day until your arms wear out. Contact Francois for more info to land this species at

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