Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The Jullien's Prized Golden Carp is found in the Chao Phraya and Mekong Basins of Indo-China and Thailand, and the Pakang and Perak basis of Malaysia.

These monsters can reach weights of 154lbs and 4.9 feet long.

The body is brown to red in color with dark brown stripes. The fins and tail are orange and it has a rounded snout with small lips.

The Jullien's Prized Golden Carp is threatened by overfishing and human capture of it's spawn that have a high market price. These fish are highly protected in Laos where it is forbidden to catch, trade, or transport the Jullien's Prized Golden Carp.

In places such as Thailand, fishing is allowed under strict catch and release rules.

Jean-Francois Helias of http://www.anglingthailand.com/ knows the best places and best times when this rare species can be landed. Anglers world wide have this species on top of their wish list to catch.

I personally have fished with Francois and have landed a few of these rare carp and find them to one of the best fighting freshwater fish worldwide.

For more information on Jullien's Prized Golden Carp and lots of other species in Thailand, contact Francois at fishasia@ksc.th.com

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