Saturday, December 24, 2016


Tigerfish are one of the most ferocious freshwater fish on earth!  Their giant teeth puts a scare to anybody who handles them as evident by the numerous bite marks in our guides arms!  Tanzania is situated  in Eastern Africa bordering the Indian Ocean between Kenya and Mozambique.  It boasts some of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in the world plus some of the fishing for monster tigerfish.  The Mnyera and Ruhuji Rivers are rarities as the tigerfish here grow to enormous size.  20 pound + tigers are caught daily during the dry season.  These tigers are not the goliath tigerfish found in the Congo, but a separate species altogether.
The housing at the lodge was very comfortable as each client is given his own safari type tent which is larger than the 1st floor on my house.  You are next to the river so many sleepless nights happen as you are dreaming of hippos, elephants, crocs, etc.. entering your tent!
 Noises are heard throughout the evening and hippos walked through camp practically each night!  Tigerfish are extremely difficult to get a good hookset in as their mouth is very hard thus making hook penetration difficult.  Normally the enormous teeth of the tigers are just stuck in your lure.  Tigerfish are one of the top freshwater game fish and hopefully Santa puts this great trip under your tree tonight!

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