Saturday, December 17, 2016


This will be the 1st in a set of dream fishing trips to get your fisherperson as a great Christmas Gift.  Fishing for golden dorado has become a passion for me.  By far the top location for dorado exceeding 40 pounds is located near the Salto Grande Dam in the town of Concordia.  The dam is 1/2 in Argentina and the other 1/2 is in Uruguay.  There is a restricted zone ( La Zona)  of 1000 meters extending from the dam. Only 2 boats are allowed into this zone and only during the days of Friday to Monday.   When the dam turbines go on the golden dorado go on a massive feed.  These dorado are tough and mean and can literally destroy lures, break rods, strip drag reels, etc..  I have fished here since the opening about a decade ago.  Recently, government restrictions have declared 500 meters from the dam as a no entry zone.  This means that fisherman are not allowed to fish in this no entry zone.  Conversations between La Zona representatives and the Argentina government is underway to put the zone back open as agreed upon when contracts were written and signed.  That being said, the 500 meters away from the dam in the restricted zone should still produce golden dorado of massive sizes.  I will be there again very soon to check what if any effect the "no entry" zone has done in terms of catch rates.  For more information on this exceptional dream fishing trip you can contact Hector Bradanini or Lilian Farquharson here on Facebook or contact Untamed Angling.  Watch for my report early in January on my adventure back to La Zona "Home of the Monster Golden Dorado"!

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